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Justin Bieber Wins Failure of the Year 2010!

Posted by on December 14, 2010 at 4:26 PM EST

justin bieber failJustin Bieber is the biggest “Failure” of the year 2010! Congratulations!

16-year-old Canadian teen singer Justin Bieber has achieved it all this year. From winning the ‘Best New Artist’ award beating out Usher and Eminem, becoming the top viewed artist on YouTube, grabbing two Grammy nominations and now winning Failure of the Year for 2010 on FAIL Blog.

FAIL Blog has just released its annual list of the Top FAIL people, video’s, moments and pictures of the year, all votes coming from us, the fail blog community. It’s not a surprise to me that yet again Justin Bieber has won the top spot. Finally an achievement I agree he fully deserves and has earned,  “Failiest Person” of the year with 44% of the votes. Other winners that followed Justin Bieber were Snooki, Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, The Situation, The Kardashians and Miley Cyrus. Why am I not surprised? Finally America has got it right!

On a serious note, besides wanting to claw my eyes out every time I hear Justin Bieber’s song Baby being played on the radio and TV over and over again, I have to say the kid with the girly voice is not so bad. For a 16 year old, he’s come a long way from singing his heart out in his bathroom and posting it on YouTube.

FAIL Blog which crowned Justin Bieber as Failure of the Year is part of the Cheezeburger Network started by Ben Huh. The website gives you daily laughs, whether it is pictures, sayings, video clip pranks or accidents or just poking fun of each other, there is always something new to look at or you could upload your own video.



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