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Morning Robot: Vanessa Hudgens, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Grey

Posted by on December 14, 2010 at 11:09 AM EST

michael c hall divorceMichael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter file for divorce, Vanessa Hudgens celebrates her birthday and Jennifer Grey is recovering from surgery on this cool Tuesday morning.

Monday was one hell of a rollercoaster when it comes to celebrity news as the top story of the day was the Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron break up. Today (Tuesday December 14, 2011) we are sad to report that yet another celebrity couple has called it quits. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, stars of the hit show Dexter have filed for divorce. Also making headlines today are Jennifer Grey and her recent back surgery, along with Vanessa Hudgens’ birthday. Here is a brief overview of the news circulating around on this Tuesday morning.

Let’s get right into the bad news as Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter filed for divorce. Hall and Carpenter who both star on the hit show, Dexter have announced their official break up. Of course, sources close to Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter say that the two have been separated for quite some time. With the recent Dexter Season 5 finale this past Sunday and a green light for Dexter Season 6, it makes me wonder how their on-screen chemistry will be as they play brother/sister in the show. While I am sure Julia Stiles (Lumen) had nothing to do with the divorce, rumors are already running wild that Michael C. Hall had an affair with Dexter’s season 5 love interest. We wish both Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter the best of luck and hope they keep making Dexter the amazing show that it is, despite their divorce.

Now let’s get into some good news for today, it seems like Vanessa Hudgens is celebrating her 22nd birthday today. The “High School Musical” star seems to be doing well despite yesterdays Zac Efron break up news. We here at Robot Celeb want to wish Vanessa Hudgens a Happy Birthday!

Lastly on the list of morning news is the recent Dancing with the Stars winner, Jennifer Grey. Grey’s age (50) caught up with her as she performed dance routines on ABC’s hit show, DWTS. The Dirty Dancing star almost had to quit the competition because of a ruptured disc in her back. With a Dancing With The Stars victory in her bag, Jennifer Grey finally had the back surgery she needed. Reports are saying that the surgery went well and Grey is now in the recovery process. We wish Jennifer the best of luck and hope for her to be back on her feet soon.

I hope this morning news brief has helped somewhat and I can’t wait to see what exciting stories are out there for today. Have a great Tuesday everyone!



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