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Taylor Swift Birthday Party Opposite of Miley Cyrus

Posted by on December 13, 2010 at 7:58 PM EST

taylor swift birthdayTaylor Swift’s 21st birthday party has a low key party, unlike Miley Cyrus’ controversy filled party.

Taylor Swift turns 21 today and she is having the anti-Miley Cyrus birthday. Swift was spotted this morning heading into the recording studio in Nashville. Her day has already been filled with celebrity birthday wish tweets from her friends like Katy Perry and Selena Gomez and it sounds like her night will be a lot of good, clean fun.

Taylor Swift has spoken recently about her birthday plans which include having a low key Christmas themed party. She says that drinking isn’t a big deal to her and that she doesn’t really plan on doing any drinking. She plans on holding her bash at her recently purchases condo. She has said in the past that she isn’t a party girl and isn’t someone who is interested in going to clubs, however she does say it will be nice to be able to see more live music at 21 and older venues. She goes on to say that she likes to dance around and have fun with her friends, but she doesn’t feel compelled to get drunk. She says she doesn’t look down on people who like to drink and party and isn’t someone who will never have a drink, but the idea of getting drunk at a club doesn’t appeal to her.

Taylor Swift already had an early birthday party of sorts when two of her friends showed up at her condo Sunday night with a pizza that had a 21 candle on it. She later twittered that they ate pizza and now she was dancing around alone to Pink’s greatest hits cd.

Taylor Swift’s birthday seems downright calm compared to the swath of craziness Miley Cyrus has cut for her 18th birthday. She started with a star studded party at which she wore leather pants and a bikini top and was seen making out with a guy rumored to be her new boyfriend. Then came the big Miley Cyrus bong controversy as a video of Miley hitting a bong that was supposedly filled with Salvia (which is a legal drug) blew up the internet. She is clearly pretty high in the video and having a good time. She is now in New Orleans for early rehearsals for her new movie The Undercovers where she was seen sneaking into an over 21 nightclub and partying the night away. It looks like Miley is stretching that birthday out into a birthday party month.

I have to say, Taylor Swift’s Christmas themed party actually sounds kind of fun. To me it sounds like a lot more fun than a party full of celebs that are too cool for the room.



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