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Tonight On Deadliest Catch Captain Phil Harris Rallies In ICU

Posted by on July 6, 2010 at 9:23 PM EST

deadliest catchCatch Deadliest Catch Tonight on the Discovery Channel as Captain Phil Harris rallies in the ICU.

Last week we left Captain Phil Harris in surgery for a stroke that he suffered onboard his crabbing vessel the Cornelia Marie. His two sons Jake Harris and older brother Jake Harris were both at the hospital awaiting on the outcome of their fathers surgery.

In a continuation this week of the Discovery Channels series of Deadliest Catch episodes honoring Captain Phil Harris, we rejoin Josh and Jake in the hospital.

Doctors come out to the waiting room and deliver the noise to the two boys who have been on edge since arrival. They let Josh and Jake that his father is out of surgery and is actually doing quite well. Captain Phil Harris suffered and massive stroke and the doctors had to remove a portion of his skull.

In tonight’s preview we will join up with the Harris Boys as their father Phil rallies in the ICU. The added stress of the condition of Captain Phil Harris seems to place tension in the air amongst the two siblings. Tonight we will see the two Harris boys fight it out in the hospital.

Meanwhile, back out on the Bering Sea crews of the crabbing fleet struggle to catch their mid-season quota. This miserable conditions and sleep-depravity make for a weary and hostile crew aboard the fishing vessels. Tonight we are sure to see tempers flare as crewmembers begin to turn on each other.

Be sure to catch the drama of Captain Phil Harris’s ICU Rally on tonight’s episode of Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. ET/PT



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