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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: All American California Girls!

Posted by on December 13, 2010 at 11:44 AM EST

amazing race winnersThe Amazing Race 17 aired its season finale last night which took place in California.

Last week Nick and Vicki fell just short of the finale when they were eliminated from The Amazing Race 17. For last night’s season finale, the final three teams were told to head from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, California. Being the first last week, Jill and Thomas are the first to depart.

All three teams of the Amazing Race await their flight to L.A. together so once they hit American soil; it is going to be an epic race to the finish line. The teams finally arrive in Los Angeles and it is time for The Amazing Race 17 finale to get started!

To receive their first clue, the teams must go to the Port of Long Beach. Once there the teams must ride an elevator to the top of a gigantic crane and then tandem bungee swing off of the top. Once lowered down, the teams of The Amazing Race 17 finale ride a helicopter to a “secret” location.

For last night’s Amazing Race road block, teams were tasked to decorate a float at the Rose Bowl. While you may think it sounds easy, the details of these floats are quite meticulous and it was definitely a challenging task. Once completing the float, teams receive their next task which has three clues that they must solve. This is where things get tricky as each of the three teams struggle to find internet to solve the clues. (Answer: Quixote Studios, Stage 7)

As the final detour the teams of the Amazing Race 17 must identify several greeters from different legs of the race. Bob Eubanks makes a guest appearance as he hands out the clues to the teams. Once the teams correctly identify all of the greeters they are sent to their final pit stop, the finish line! (Greystone Mansion) Let’s find out how each team did and who were named the Amazing Race winners:

  • Nat and Kat – The doctors got lucky as they left LAX with their cab driver. The man was the fastest cabbie of the three teams and they arrived at the Port of Long Beach first. Despite her fear of heights, Nat overcame them and they blew through the challenge. Nat and Kat arrived at the Rose Bowl first and while it took them some time, they were the first to decorate their float. Having used their cab drivers cell phone, the two ladies figured out the Quixote Studios clue with quickness. They blew through the identifier challenge and headed to the finish line. Phil Keoghan lets the all woman team know they have won the Amazing Race!
  • Brook and Claire – Brook and Claire, the two TV show hosts were so close right at the end. Arriving at the float challenge in last place, they quickly made up time as they decorated the float with quickness. I believe they would have won had they not gone to a hotel to use the internet for the Quixote Studios challenge. The two amazing ladies (my favorite team) were the 2nd team to cross the finish line.
  • Jill and Thomas – As you know by now, this dating couple came in last place. Their downfall was on the Quixote Studios challenge, they couldn’t find internet anywhere.

Well, the Amazing Race 17 has come and gone and Nat and Kat are the winners!



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