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Dexter Season 5 Recap: A Serial Killer’s Heart of Gold

Posted by on December 13, 2010 at 10:13 AM EST

dexter season 5 finaleDexter Season 5 aired its season finale last night on Showtime.

Last night’s episode of Dexter titled “The Big One” was the Season 5 finale and it did a nice little job of wrapping up many of the loose ends and dropping a few hints of what potentially it to come next season. Warning! There are many spoilers here so if you haven’t watched it yet, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As the episode starts Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is gathering his kill gear. Jordan Chase (Johnny Lee Miller) has Lumen (Julia Stiles) and he needs to find him. He has his gear packed and is about to walk out the door when his babysitter, Astor (Christina Robinson), Cody (Preston Bailey), Harrison and the kid’s grandparents show up. They wanted to surprise him and come down there for Harrison’s birthday. He is very shocked, but tries to be cool. He tells them to get settled, he has some stuff he has to go do at work and will be back soon. Astor and Cody ask him if they can stay with him for the summer and he says “yes.”

On the road Dexter calls Jordan Chase who confirms that he has Lumen and that he is going to kill her. He then hangs up and takes the battery out of his cell phone. Dexter makes his way to the police department where Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) is going back over the videos of the murdered girls looking for clues. Dexter is able to get a look at the file with Chase’s real estate holdings, but finds nothing in it that can help. He then calls the country records office to have them look for holdings under the name Eugene Greer (Chases’ old, real, name). They will call when they find something. As he finishes up the call Laguerta (Lauren Velez) calls everyone together and tells them they found the body of Stan Liddy (Peter Weller). She gathers the troops, including Dexter, and they go to the scene.

Jordan Chase has Lumen in the trunk and is driving down the road. She is kicking and screaming like hell. He stops at a stoplight and a street vendor recognizes him. He also hears the noise in the trunk, but before he can say anything the light turns green and Chase speeds away.

At the scene Quinn (Desmond Harrington) is acting strange. While Debra and Batista (David Zayas) work the scene Lageurta pulls Quinn aside and says that the last five calls Liddy made were to him. Quinn says he knows, but that he didn’t answer and that he didn’t really know Liddy that well. She then notices the drop of blood on his shoe (that fell there towards the end the last week’s Dexter Season 5 episode as he stood next to the van). He says he isn’t going to say anymore without a lawyer. Dexter finishes up as fast as possible. He gets a call from the records office. They tell him about a camp Greer owned that went bankrupt 20 years ago.

Chase pulls into this camp, drives Lumen to a building and leads her down into the basement. She immediately recognizes it as the place she was tortured. Dexter steals a car and hauls ass towards the camp. As he arrives at the camp he hits a backhoe that Chase parked in the road and crashes his car. When he crawls out of the car Chase is there with a gun.

Back at the station things are not looking good for Quinn he has Liddy’s blood on his shoe (although the shoe has not been tested yet, they are waiting for Dexter to return to run it) and they find the requisition forms Liddy forged with Quinn’s name checking out the surveillance gear. He won’t say anything to anyone, including Deb. All he will say is that he didn’t kill Liddy.

Dexter is dragged into the basement where Lumen is tied up. His hands are bound behind his back and Chase takes his kill tools and opens them up. He is impressed by them and says that they show him that Dexter is capable of greatness. He pulls a few out and admires them which is when he realizes one is missing from its slot in the holder. Dexter was hiding it, he cut his ropes loose and he swings the knife around and buries it into Chase’s foot, nailing it to the ground. As Chase howls with pain Dexter gets up and puts him in sleeper hold.

Meanwhile, Debra is working on the case and an officer comes in with a report. That street vendor called in that he saw Chase and thinks he had someone in his trunk. She goes to talk to the vendor and he tells her his story (via badly broken English which leads Deb to swear she will start taking a Spanish class) and that the only thing up the road he went done is an old camp. She heads up the road towards the camp.

Dexter now has Chase tied down and wakes him up. He, Lumen and Chase talk. Chase tries to sweet talk his way out telling Lumen she should thank him because he made her what she is today. She is having none of it. Dexter suggests she kill him. She grabs a knife and starts screaming at Chase, releasing her hatred for him then she plunges it into his chest and kills him telling Chase as he dies that this was for all of the victims including Emily. She apologizes to Dexter saying that she knows that isn’t how it is supposed to be done, but he tells here there is no good way to do it.

As Dexter cleans the blades and Lumen rolls up some plastic they talk about disposing of the body. They agree to get him out of there then in a month or so they will tip the police off to this place and they will find everything. As they talk Debra enters the house and makes her way to the basement. She sees Chase’s body and them standing behind the hanging plastic wall and tells them not to move. She can’t tell who the people are, just that there are two people. She tells them to drop what they are holding and they do. She then tells them that she knows who they are that she is number 13 and he is the guy helping her. Dexter and Lumen say nothing, not wanting to give away their identities. Debra tells them that she knows what they have been doing and that she understands why they are doing it. She also tells them she understands some people deserve to die, but as a cop she can’t make that choice. As Dexter is about to speak Debra says that she is going to call this in and in an hour the place will be crawling with cops so those two better make sure they are not there when that happens. She then leaves without ever finding out their identities.

That night Dexter and Lumen dump Chases body and the two seem happy as they ride the boat back in. For the first time since he met her he sees Lumen really smile. The next morning Dexter gets up early and goes to the office to run the blood on Quinn’s shoe. Debra asks him to tell her as soon as he knows who it belongs to. He, of course, already knows. He says to her that he heard she cracked the barrel girl case and she said that it wasn’t so much cracked, but they found the place where the movies were shot and it is all pretty much over unless Chase ever shows up. Obviously, she knows that isn’t going to happen.

When Dexter gets home Lumen is upset. She tells him she has to leave. She says she couldn’t sleep last night and didn’t know how to tell him. After they killed and disposed of Chase everything that was in her, the desire to kill and her darkness just left. He wants her to stay, but she tells him she can’t keep doing this and she knows he needs to. The reality of his life comes crashing down. He realized that her dark passenger has left, but his is still very much there.

That afternoon Lumen is gone and Dexter is at Harrison’s party. Debra shows up with Quinn. Debra goes to Dex and jokes with him that he could have told her about the blood on Quinn’s shoe not matching Liddy sooner. He tells her it was a big deal and he had to go through the chain of command and that Lageurta wanted to tell her. In an interesting, possible foreshadowing moment, she says to Dexter that he must be happy now that all of this is over. He gives her an odd look and she walks off. Quinn then comes up and thanks Dexter, tells him he owes him one. Dexter shrugs him off like he doesn’t know what he is talking about. As the episode comes to an end we see Dexter surrounded by friends and family and realizing that all of these people can easily connect with others, yet he can’t. His dark passenger still rules his world. But, he says, Lumen showed him that there is a human side of him and that he is capable of that connection. He has hope that one day he too can have a normal life. He holds his son and prepares to blow out the candle he is happy that Lumen taught him that nothing, even his darkness, is set in stone and that maybe he does have a chance at being human. Someone calls out to make a wish and as he and Harrison blow out the candle he says, “But wishes, of course, are for children.”



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