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Dexter: Preview and Predictions for “The Big One” Finale

Posted by on December 12, 2010 at 12:50 PM EST

dexter finaleTonight the Dexter Season 5 finale entitled “The Big One” will air on Showtime.

The Season 5 Finale of Dexter (Michael C. Hall) airs Sunday night at 9pm on Showtime. I decided to take a minute to do a quick preview and make a few predictions. Before you read any further understand that I have no knowledge of what is going to happen. I’m a fan of the show and this is solely my opinion on what is going to happen for the Dexter Season 5 finale tonight.

What we know for sure is that Jordan Chase has Lumen (Julie Stiles) and Dexter is racing to save her. He also wants to get to Chase and dispatch of him before his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) and the Miami Metro Homicide crew can catch up to him.  We also know that with Dexter killing Liddy (Peter Weller) there is the chance that Quinn will find out about Dexter and who he really is. How all this plays out we will have to wait to find out.

But here is my prediction. The preview makes us think that Debra catches Dexter at the scene. I don’t think that will happen. I think Dexter is able to catch up to Chase and eventually he and Lumen kill him. However, I think it is Lumen that they catch in the act. Dexter is there and nearly gets caught, but Lumen sacrifices herself and lets them catch her. She admits to killing Chase and the others, but insists that she did it all on her own. Of course there will still be her connection to Dexter. Debra knows she was staying at Dexter’s house and was somehow involved with her. Lumen will explain this as her using Dexter to get close to the investigation so that she could get information about Chase and his crew. Debra will believe it because she knows Dexter is hurting and vulnerable after Rita’s death so he might fall for the affection of a pretty blond.

This will explain away his being around her and how she got information, but Quinn will still have the pictures of Lumen and Dexter loading up the body on the boat. My opinion is that one of two things will happen. Either Quinn (Desmond Harrington) goes to Dexter with the pictures, tells him he knows about his involvement, but also tells him he admires what he did and destroys the pictures leaving Dexter uneasy knowing that there is someone out there who knows about him. Or Quinn and Debra get back together and everything is good. Then one day Debra finds the pictures of Dexter and Lumen loading up the boat and she suddenly realizes that her brother had far more involvement in all of this than she ever knew.

Of course I could be miles off base. The writers of Dexter have a way of twisting and turning things so it remains to be seen. One thing is for sure; they have been building to this episode all season and they have a lot riding on it, now they better deliver the goods. Dexter has never disappointed in the past, I don’t think it will start now.

Dexter Season 5 will air its finale tonight at 9|8c on SHOWTIME.



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