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UFC 124: Fight Card, Canadian Riots and Georges St. Pierre

Posted by on December 11, 2010 at 7:41 PM EST

ufc 124 georges st pierreIn tonight’s UFC 124 Georges St. Pierre will be fighting against Josh Koscheck.

Tonight from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec we have UFC 124 live on pay-per view and streamed on the UFC website. There are actually going to be six preliminary bouts before the main card (Josh Koscheck vs. Georges St. Pierre) starts. At least some of these bouts will air live for free on UFC.com. Normally these would air on Spike TV, but the Spike Video Game Awards are airing tonight at the same time.

While the preliminary card (UFC 124) is peppered with older vets trying for comebacks and younger guys trying to move up, the main card has some good fights on it and a main even that should be very exciting.

First up we have Thiago Alves Vs John Howard. Alves was riding a wave of wins until UFC 100. There he fought for the Welterweight title, but lost to current and defending champion Georges St. Pierre. His next fight against Jon Fitch he failed to make weight and lost a three round decision. Tonight he tries to get himself back on track and prove he is still a contender in the welterweight division. His opponent John Howard is a tough guy with a strong ground game and some solid strikes. He won his last three fights by knockout and is 8-1 in last nine fights. Both men are looking to move up the welterweight later so this could be an explosive fight.

Joe “Daddy” Stevenson will face off against Mac Danzig in a lightweight bout. Stevenson has fought a who’s who of fighters recently from Diego Sanchez to Nate Diaz and Spenser Fisher. He is known for his good hands, but is a very good submission fighter and wins most of his fights that way. His opponent Mad Danzig is another guy who has a strong ground game, but is also known has a good striker. His record is not that great, but he has a lot of heart and will be sure to put up a good fight.

Jim Miller Vs. Charles Oliveira in another lightweight fight pits the strong veteran Miller up against highly touted prospect Oliveira. Miller has a record of 18-2 and has beaten some pretty good fighters. He is well rounded, but wins most of his fights by submission or decision so you know he will come in prepared to fight three full rounds. Oliveira is very highly touted Brazilian fighter who has a strong background in Jiu-Jitsu and an undefeated record. While he has only had two fights in the UFC, he is well thought of and this is his chance to step up on a big stage. This could be a chess match of a fight with two ground specialist.

In a heavyweight matchup we will see Stefan Struve Vs Sean McCorkle. McCorkle is a somewhat controversial figure. He had some issues with the UFC over what they pay fighters and told them he wants to fight the best fighters and not be used to build someone else up. He has a record of 10-0 and has a strong wrestling background. His first fight in the UFC lasted 61 seconds as he got an armbar on Mark Hunt. Now he steps in against Stefan Struve who has been around a while and also has a good Jiu-jitsu background in addition to heavy strikes. McCorkle is a big dude who had to cut from his normal 320lbs down to 265lbs to fight as a heavyweight. We may actually see heavyweight fight with a lot of ground action in this one

The main event of the evening pits Josh Koscheck against champion Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title. This is the second time they have fought. The first time St.Pierre embarrassed Koscheck by outwrestling him. Koscheck is known for his wrestling skills. He was even an NCAA Division 1 champion wrestler in college.  Since that loss, Koshcheck has been on a mission. He has gone 6-2 since and beat a who’s who of the welterweight division on his way to earning a title shot. St. Pierre, meanwhile, has gone about business as usual. After Koscheck he has beat a Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, Jon Fitch, B.J. Penn, Thiago Alves and Dan Hardy as he has defended his title.

The two men were coaches during the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter. Georges St-Pierre outcoached Koshcheck and two of his guys went on to fight in the finals. The two men clearly don’t like each other and are very opposite when it comes to personality. This could be a stellar fight. I have a feeling St. Pierre will try to do what he does which is to use his strength to control Koscheck and wear him down with strikes and takedowns. As Koscheck tires out, look for St. Pierre to go in for the kill. On the other hand Koscheck might come out swinging. He would love nothing better than to knock Georges out in front of an arena that will be packed with St. Pierre fans. He has his wrestling to fall back on and may also wish to show he is the better wrestler. However he chooses to do it, look for Koscheck to hold nothing back. This is his big shot. If St. Pierre beats him again he will not likely get another shot at the title until St. Pierre loses it which could be a while. I think this one will be very good. I don’t see it going the distance.

On paper this is a pretty good card with some potential for fireworks as well as some strong ground fights.  The main event (Josh Koscheck vs. Georges St. Pierre) is what has everyone talking, but I think the other fights on the main card could also be very entertaining.



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