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David Hasselhoff: Voted Off DWTS and Reality TV

Posted by on December 10, 2010 at 5:26 PM EST

david hasselhoff reality tvDavid Hasselhoff was first voted off of DWTS and now he has been canned from reality TV.

The last few months have not been good to David Hasselhoff. He had a string of ugly incidents showing him drunk that were recorded by his kids and put on YouTube. He got himself clean (from what I have read, I can’ actually confirm this) and started rebuilding his image. The first stop was Dancing with the Stars. Sadly, he was the first contestant to be voted off the show.  The next stop was staring in his own reality show with his family. But that didn’t fare much better

The show, titled “The Hasselhoffs,” aired on the A&E network right after their modest hit “Gene Simmons’s Family Jewels,” but it failed to draw much of an audience. The first episode drew 718,000 viewers. The second episode only drew 505,000. Gene Simmons’ show gets about 1.4 million viewers which means that half of those people changed the channel after his show was over so as not to watch David Hasselhoff on “The Hasselhoffs” and nearly 65% of them changed the channel for week two.

Apparently the A&E network didn’t want to see how bad it might get for week three so they canceled the show today. There are eight more completed shows that will remain unaired. I would imagine at some point those shows will be put out on DVD for those who are just dying to know what happened.

There has been no comment from David Hasselhoff aka The Hoff himself yet. Every day he should wake up and be thankful he has Baywatch money because it is looking like his time in the limelight may be coming to an end.



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