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“The Apprentice” Recap: Did Trump Hire Clint or Brandy?

Posted by on December 10, 2010 at 10:36 AM EST

brandy kuentzel apprenticeThe Apprentice aired it’s live finale last night and it’s time to see who Donald Trump hired.

As the season finale of The Apprentice started we see a short recap of how Clint and Brandy have done during the season. Both have been strong in different ways and now as the finale (remember this is the second part of a two part finale) starts Clint is trying to put out the fire of the misprinted place cards and posters. He quickly deals with it, getting the spelling fixed, getting everything printed and couriered out to them for the $1,000 that they have left in their budget.

Meanwhile Brandy kind of drops the ball. She and her team greet everyone as they arrive. They intended to have Kathy Griffin start the tournament off, but they are late and the tourney starts without them. They also find out that Donald Trump only has three players and is not very happy about it because with only three they have almost no chance of winning. Brandy scrambles and gets him more players. She also gets Kathy out the course and things go well.

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As the dinner starts there is a little confusion, but Clint has things down and everything goes off without a hitch on last night’s Apprentice season finale. Liza Minnelli is happy, Trump seems happy and the whole thing works out well.

As we hit the boardroom the first thing Donald Trump wants to know is who picked the prizes for the tournament winners. Brandy had wanted to give $1,000 gift cards, but Liza, when she got to the store, changed it up and bought golf sets. Brandy was dead on when she said that these people were rich and wouldn’t care about a $500 golf set. Trump tells them nobody even took the clubs; they left the prizes behind so that was a bad move. He said they liked the trophies, but not the clubs. Brandy says she sent her people and they didn’t follow through and by the time it was done it was too late to change it.

Trump asked Clint why he chose the dinner. Clint tells him because he knew the strength of his team and wanted to have a chance to stand up and really show off his skills. Ivanka Trump and Trump called him out for using the phrase ‘ya’ll’ so much. They thought he might have overdone it and played himself up as a good ole country boy in the city, battling to win The Apprentice.

Trump then went down the line and asked each person on the teams who they would hire. Poppy said she would take Brandy. Anand says he would hire Brandy. Stephanie ripped Clint and said he was out of line because he spent too much time on the course. She chooses Brandy as well because she is polished. Steuart took a minute and then said he would pick Clint because Clint knows how to listen, is respectful and he can adapt. Mahsa said she would hire Clint because she thought he had a charisma and leadership ability. Liza doesn’t hesitate in saying Brandy. She says she tried everything she could to get rid of Brandy, but she never got fired from The Apprentice.

Trump asked Ivanka Trump what she thought of Clint. She was very impressed by not only how well he set the dinner up, but how he engaged the guests. Donald Trump Jr. said that Brandy did well and that the only negative was the poor selection of prizes, but he said all the golfers were very happy.

Trump excuses everyone else from the boardroom leaving only Clint and Brandy. He congratulates them both on getting this far.  He asks Clint why he should hire him. Clint makes his case saying he has all the schooling you could want and he also has practical experience. When asked what job he sees himself doing Clint mentions a big project in Scotland that Trump is developing that he would be perfect for. When asked if he would leave Texas for Scotland Clint tells him he would go anywhere in the world and love it because he would be learning under him. Trump asks the same of Brandy. She keeps is a little shorter and says she has all the qualifications as well and that she too has experience. When asked what she would do as The Apprentice she says she would like to work with one of his kids to work on the next generation of the Trump name.  Trump is impressed by the both.

Donald Trump tells them both he is impressed by them and that they are both going to do amazing things. He then fires Clint and hires Brandy who goes back with the returning contestants and celebrates. After 13 weeks and some serious drama, Brandy Kuentzel is the new Apprentice.



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