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Justin Bieber Holiday Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunt Craze!

Posted by on December 9, 2010 at 6:36 PM EST

justin bieber teddy bearJust when you thought you had seen everything Justin Bieber had to offer.

It turns out Justin Bieber fans are going nuts over the Toys ‘R’ Us holiday scavenger hunt. Today via email or text message, scavenger hunt participants were sent a clue which asks What number is on the Team Bieber teddy bear shirt?

If you have come here to find out what number is on the team bieber teddy bear shirt then you have come to the wrong place. (that is of course unless one of our users comments with the correct answer) I just ran across the Justin Bieber scavenger hunt topic and I did a little research. While every clue for the Toys R Us scavenger hunt isn’t about Justin Bieber, this one has surely called attention to the contest.

Each day until December 11th Toys R Us will be texting/emailing out new clues for participants to solve.

For those of you who actually care about the Justin Bieber, Team Bieber Teddy Bear shirt number, here are the options to choose from:

  1. 26
  2. 78
  3. 08
  4. 01

Before I posted this I found a picture with all four Justin Bieber teddy bears. It is clear that the number on the Team Bieber teddy bear is 01. Happy Holidays everyone!



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