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Elizabeth Edwards Funeral: Friends, Family and Protesters

Posted by on December 9, 2010 at 5:19 PM EST

elizabeth edwards funeralFriends and family members of the late Elizabeth Edwards will attend her funeral this weekend.

Elizabeth Edwards, former spouse of one time presidential and vice presidential candidate John Edwards died on Tuesday after a long fight with breast cancer. On Monday there was an announcement that she would end her treatment because doctors felt there was nothing more for her to gain from it. She passed not long after.  She spent her last weeks and months of life as an advocate for improving health-care access for women and pushing the importance annual mammograms especially for women over 40 or for any woman of any age whose family has a history of breast cancer. Elizabeth Edwards admitted that she often failed to get the annual screenings which could have been one of the reasons her cancer was not caught until it was in a later, more advanced stage.

Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral is scheduled to take place this weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. It will be a somber affair for her friends and family as well as the community who remembered her as calm and strong and as someone who fought for health-care and equal rights for everyone.

The last years of her life were not without controversy. Her husband, John Edwards, admitted that he cheated on her and even divorced her shortly after her being diagnosed with cancer.  Her funeral this weekend will bring another controversy as the members of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to protest her funeral.

These are the same idiots who protest the funerals of soldiers and pretty much anyone who is connected to the government. West Baptist leader Fred Phelps accuses Elizabeth Edwards of “spewing blasphemy” and carrying out a “smash-mouthed assault on His deity.” His misplaced hatred most likely stems from the fact that Edwards was a strong supporter of gay rights and gay marriage.

At this time the church where Elizabeth Edwards’ service says it is aware of the planned protest, but has not yet decided how to deal with it.


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