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Kelly Osbourne Undergoes Post DWTS Surgery

Posted by on December 9, 2010 at 4:45 PM EST

kelly osbourne surgeryKelly Osbourne will undergo surgery from foot injuries sustained while on DWTS.

Kelly Osbourne will be going under the knife soon. She always knew this was going to happen, it is just happening about a decade sooner than she thought it would.

Kelly Osbourne apparently has had foot problems for years and always knew that eventually she would have to have surgery done on them. Her stint on Dancing with the Stars just sped up the process. The daily intense rehearsals and all that dancing put a lot of stress and strain on her already damaged feet. Kelly herself said that her DWTS appearance “kicked it up about ten years and made it worse.”

It seems that this is not some minor little surgery either. Doctors will have to break both of her feet, reset the bones and then put her in dual casts. She will not be able to walk for about a month. One leg in a cast is bad enough; two has got to be miserable.

For those who don’t remember, Kelly Osbourne competed on Season 9 of DWTS and underwent one of the biggest transformations in the history of the show. She worked so hard she lost a ton of weight and completely changed her look. She started out as the plain old Kelly we all know, but ended up glamorous and fit. She finished in third place behind runner up Mya and winner Donny Osmond. She also returned in the most recent season has a guest judge.

On a lighter note this time in her casts will give her plenty of down time to relax and think about her newest venture. She says she has had an offer from a clothing line to create her own collection. Kelly Osbourne says she can’t say which company it is just yet, but she promises that the clothes will be affordable.



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