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The Apprentice Finale Preview: Who Will Donald Trump Hire?

Posted by on December 9, 2010 at 4:20 PM EST

the apprentice finale previewWho will Donald Trump hire on tonight’s season finale of The Apprentice?

Tonight is the night that Donald Trump will choose either Brandy or Clint to hire when the season finale of The Apprentice airs at 10pm on NBC.

When we last left the two they were working different aspects of a large VIP golf tournament and gala dinner. Clint had chosen to run the dinner which included a live performance by Liza Minnelli and Brady was running the golf tournament. Both had their good moments and bad and were scrambling to get things done.

Tonight on the Apprentice season finale we will get some answers. First, will Clint be able to recover from his major mistake on all of his printed material? On his poster and place cards, stuff they spent $4,000 of their budget getting printed, he approved the work without checking it and Liza Minnelli’s name was spelled wrong on all of it. They are now nearly out of time and money and have no printed material to use.

Brandy had issues getting her gifts for the VIPs and then Trump threw her a curve when he requested that Liza (one of Brandy’s team members and the only one in her group that knows anything about golf) play in his group during the tournament. So she will be down a person during the most hectic time of The Apprentice finale.

Tonight we will see them work to overcome last minute problems as the events unfold. Clint must deal with long food lines and waiting to get into the dinner while Brandy messes up the groupings on the tournament and forgets to put a fourth person in Trumps group.

In the end Donald Trump brings both groups into the boardroom and must decide who to hire. He says it is a hard choice and it seems like the six returning cast members are pretty evenly split.

Will it be Clint or Brandy? Tune in tonight to find out when the season finale of The Apprentice airs at 10|9c on NBC.



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