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Jenn Sterger: Brett Favre Should Be Punished!

Posted by on December 9, 2010 at 1:50 PM EST

brett favre jenn stergerJenn Sterger will not sure if Brett Favre is punished.

Brett Favre, the man who is known for his awesome quarterback skills as an NFL player. That, and…oh yeah, sending pics of his penis to former NY Jets reporter, Jenn Sterger. Apparently Sterger has been incredibly offended by Favre’s penis, which, by the way, was flaccid in the picture. Maybe Favre missed the memo about flaccid penises not being particularly flattering. Anyway, Sterger says she won’t be pressing charges against Brett Favre, on the condition that the NFL suspends him.

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Sounds like a lot of trouble for sending someone a dirty pic. Granted, Brett Favre definitely should have known better than to send a pic like that to a reporter, of all people! Jenn Sterger’s rep went on the Dan Patrick show, saying, “If the [NFL] commissioner suspends Favre and puts him in a program to make sure this doesn’t happen again … 100 percent … Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against anybody.”

Getting suspended from the NFL is a big deal. And supposedly Brett Favre’s penis is a “little” deal. In all seriousness, Jenn Sterger’s terms do seem a bit extreme for what supposedly went down. Favre still claims that he has never sent Sterger a photo of his penis. I don’t blame him, if that were my penis I wouldn’t be that proud of it either!



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