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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: The Tribal Council Has Spoken!

Posted by on December 9, 2010 at 11:36 AM EST

survivor nicaragua benryLast night on Survivor Nicaragua a castaway who thought he was safe was voted off.

As the new episode of Survivor: Nicaragua got underway the tribe is not happy that both Purple Kelly and NaOnka had quit. What makes them even angrier is that the two quitters are now eating good food and sleeping in a warm bed while they eat rice and sleep in the cold and the wet.

It doesn’t take Sash long to realize that he could be in real trouble. With Brenda and NaOnka both now gone, his Survivor Nicaragua alliance has disappeared. There are now two clear cut alliances. The first is between Chase, Holly and Jane and the second with Fabio, Benry and Dan. Sash makes his play by approaching Chase and offering to join their alliance. Chase is very interested, but also a little bit wary.

At the Survivor reward challenge they have a three part course that revisits some challenges from earlier in the season. First they must crawl through the mud then dive into a pile of hay and retrieve a ball. They have to bounce that ball off a shield and into a bucket. Then they have to use a pole to retrieve key that opens up a container. In the container are bean bags that they then have to toss and land on top of a barrel. Once all the bags were on the barrel they move to the last phase where they dig through the sand to find three rings that they must toss at a frame with hooks and hook the rings to it. It is a very close race between Chase and Benry, but Chase pulls it out. He is allowed to take two people with him. He takes Holly since she gave up her last reward so they could get more food and a tarp and he takes Jane. The reward takes them to a spa where they eat, shower and get a massage then sleep in a soft warm bed that night. As soon as they arrive Chase regrets taking Jane. He should have taken Sash.

Back at camp the other guys of Survivor Nicaragua are working on Sash hard. If he joins them they can get rid of Chase and the two women then go to the final four as a group and battle it out. He seems impressed with the idea. While the others are away the four guys kill and eat the chicken and Jane is very upset about it when they get back. When Chase gets back from the reward he promises Sash that he will take him to the final three or even final two if that is the option they go with this season. He also says that he will vote Jane out without hesitation. Sash seems to trust him.

The Survivor Nicaragua immunity challenge sees the contestants hooked to a rope that is wrapped around a beam. They have to climb over and under the beam to unwrap the rope. Once they have unwrapped enough rope they run out to a bag of gold coins. The first three to get there move on to the final where they take the coins, which they realize are a puzzle, and fit them all into a box. It is a fairly close race but Sash pulls it out. With that win Sash assures himself a spot in the final five because he still has a hidden immunity idol.

There is a lot of maneuvering at camp. Chase approaches Benry who agrees to vote out Fabio. He knows he is in trouble and is willing to vote for anyone so long as it isn’t him. Sash even gets in on the action, which completely convinces Benry to turn on his alliance mate and vote Fabio. Benry tells Dan they are voting Fabio who seems okay with it. Meanwhile Chase and Sash put together an attack on Benry who now thinks he is safe.

At last night’s Survivor Nicaragua tribal council Jeff Probst doesn’t miss a chance to take another shot at NaOnka and Kelly. As the jury enters he makes sure to point out that those two quit. He then gets Chase to admit that it was probably a bad strategic move to take Jane instead of Sash on the reward. He also get Jane to admit that she thinks Fabio is a physical threat, but not too smart. Fabio feels the heat out of nowhere, but plays it cool.

As the vote goes down Benry and Dan, as planned, vote for Fabio. Fabio votes for Holly, whom is who he thought his alliance was voting for and Chase, Sash, Jane and Holly all vote Benry who is blindsided and voted out. As he walks out he even says he felt so comfortable that it wasn’t going to be him that he left some of his stuff behind at the camp.

We are now to down to six with two episodes of Survivor Nicaragua left.



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