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Singing Legend Aretha Franklin Battles Pancreatic Cancer

Posted by on December 8, 2010 at 7:41 PM EST

aretha franklin cancerSinging legend Aretha Franklin is battling pancreatic cancer.

Reports today are saying that singing legend Aretha Franklin is battling pancreatic cancer. Concerns for her health began to arise last week when she abruptly cancelled all of her upcoming concerts through May of 2011 and checked into the hospital for surgery. After that surgery she released a statement saying that she was in fact in the hospital and had undergone surgery that was very successful. The statement was kind of cryptic as it didn’t state why she was in the hospital or what kind of surgery she had.

Today a radio station in Detroit has come forward with claims that they have spoken to a close family member and that they have confirmed that Aretha Franklin is in Detroit and that while she is doing “OK” she does have incurable pancreatic cancer. It is now starting to become clear that the initial surgery was most likely some form of cancer treatment.

Pancreatic cancer is a very serious, aggressive form of cancer in which only 5% of those diagnosed live longer than five years. There are a couple of well-known surgical treatments for pancreatic cancer including one where part of the pancreases is removed and bypassed.

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January of 2008 and died about a year and a half later. Sadly, as deadly as pancreatic cancer is, for someone of Aretha Franklin’s age and weight the survival rate is even lower than the reported 5%. She is said to be in good spirits and surrounded by friends and family. Hopefully she will be one of those few that make it. Here’s wishing you well Aretha.



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