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Wesley Snipes: Final Countdown to Jail Time!

Posted by on December 8, 2010 at 7:53 PM EST

wesley snipes jailWesley Snipes is trying to do everything he can to avoid jail!

Time is just about up for Wesley Snipes, but he is still grasping for the straw he hopes will save him from prison. During an his recent appearance on the CNN show Larry King Live, Larry read a statement from a member of the jury that convicted Snipes that said, “There was one Juror that had said he knew Mr. Snipes was guilty right when they first saw him during the jury selection.”

As soon as that was read Wesley Snipes’ legal team jumped into action. They have filed a motion for a new trial based on juror misconduct. There has been no word yet on if the motion will be granted.

Barring that motion being allowed, Wesley Snipes is set to report to prison tomorrow. When U.S. Marshall’s gave him the order a few weeks ago Snipes was instructed to surrender at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lewis Run, Pa. by noon on December 9th. There he will be processed and begin carrying out his three year sentence.

Wesley Snipes has tried every legal trick his team could muster over the last few weeks in order to keep himself out of jail, but none of them have worked. He even asked the judge for mercy by begging to be given until January 6th to report so that he could spend the holidays with his four kids who range in age from 4 to 9. That request was denied as was another that would allow him to remain free on bail while they wait to hear if the Supreme Court will hear his pending appeal.

The facility Wesley Snipes will be doing his time in is a medium security prison and prison camp. While a prison camp is not nearly as bad a regular prison (he won’t be in with hardcore murderers, rapists and deviants) and he can expect to be able to do some kind of work and have some socializing with the other inmates, it will not be a fun time. Since it is federal time he will likely have to serve at least 80% of the sentence which means his best case scenario has him being released after 29 months. That would put his best possible release date around May of 2013.

The moral of all of this is: pay your taxes.



(1) Reader Comment

  1. Jeff, as a journalist/reporter, you should try to remain neutral when writing. Your readers can clearly see that you can’t wait for Mr. Snipes to report to prison tomorrow and stay there for long time.

    I don’t think Mr. Snipes BEGGED to be given until Jan 6, 2011 to report to prison. You chose that word intentionally degrade him.

    You’ve also concluded that the moral of the story is to pay your tax. What do you really know about this case to conclude that Mr. Snipes did not pay his tax? Can you provide any factual reference that states Mr. Snipes did not pay his tax…rather not fail to file tax return?

    As it seems you enjoy playing judge and speculate things (then put on a public website and present them as confirmed facts), why have you not state your views about the juror who have spoken out? You have conveniently skipped discussing about it.

    Do you claim to know the full story based on the story you were told by other media sources such as your own? Or, do you really have deep understanding about the case based on story told by both parties involved in this case?

    You, as a journalist, have a deep responsibility to fully understand the story before you decide to simply yap about it.

    You are entitled to hate/dislike anyone you choose. Yet, that does not give you the entitlement to dissect and humiliate those you dislike on a public media such as this.

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