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Survivor Nicaragua Preview: Please Join My Alliance!

Posted by on December 8, 2010 at 6:53 PM EST

survivor nicaragua previewSurvivor Nicaragua is set to air a brand new episode tonight that will have people scrambling for new alliances.

After last week’s Survivor: Nicaragua surprise that had Purple Kelly and NaOnka quit, we are down to seven contestants and it, literally, is just about anybody’s game.

With NaOnka and Purple Kelly leaving, it leaves some of the existing Survivor alliances in shambles so you know we will see a lot of people scrambling to form new alliances and to keep their head off the chopping block. What is maybe most interesting is where Sash sits now. Just a few episodes ago he and Brenda were running the show and now he very well may be the odd man out.

There are some scattered alliances left on Survivor Nicaragua. Chase, Jane and Holly form one group and Fabio, Benry and Dan for another. If either team could recruit Sash that would give them the edge and could push them to the final four as long as everyone stays loyal. Of course, this is survivor, so you know chances of that happening are pretty small, but Sash finds himself in a position where some will want to recruit him and others will be gunning for him because he has a hidden immunity idol.

Survivor Nicaragua is keeping a pretty tight seal on what the challenges for tonight will be so expect something interesting and difficult. Now that we are down to the final few contestants they will have to earn it if they want to win immunity.

In my opinion the only person safe tonight is Dan. I think just about everyone left is pretty content to carry him to the final, knowing that nobody on the jury will vote for him. This could be one paranoia filled episode of Survivor Nicaragua. Tune in tonight at 8pm on CBS to watch it all go down.



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