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Kim Kardashian’s Reality Empire of Fame and Fortune!

Posted by on December 8, 2010 at 10:46 AM EST

kim kardashian realityKim Kardashian is the highest paid reality star out there right now.

When it comes to the world of reality stars nobody rakes in the cash like Kim Kardashian. Kim topped a recent list of the highest paid reality stars and has so many ventures out there it could be hard to keep track of them. Her most recent, a book (Kardashian Konfidential) she co-wrote with her sisters (and probably a ghost writer), sold 13,000 copies its first week out which was enough to land it at #15 on the L.A. Times Bestsellers list. She has a fragrance, clothes, shoes, candy, watches, tan cream and most of all her wildly popular TV show. All of this helps Kim Bring in $6 million dollars per year. Kim Kardashian can get as much as $75,000 for a personal appearance and makes a ton of money on product endorsements beyond her own lines.

Coming in a closes second on the list was Lauren Conrad (The Hills) at $5 million per year.  Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation, fresh off a new season of Jersey Shore and an appearance on Dancing With the Stars makes $3 million. Kim Kardashian’s sisters Khloe and Kourtney also made the top 10 list at numbers seven and eight with each earning $2.5 million. Playboy Playmate and NFL wife Kendra Wilkinson rounds out the top ten list at $2 million per year.

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate example of fame besting talent. There are very talented musicians and actors, writers and artists who will never make anywhere near what she does per year. Somehow she has taken a career that started out as Paris Hilton’s best friend who also had her own sex tape and a spread in Playboy and turned it into a full blown endorsing and selling matching. Really, they should teach this in marketing classes.

I for one can’t fathom why anyone would be a fan of Kim Kardashian. What does she do exactly that you can be a fan of? With an athlete you can be a fan of how they play the game they are in. An actor or musician you can be a fan of their work. The same with an artist. With Kim it is basically her looks. It isn’t like she has anything profound to say or like she is curing cancer. Kim Kardashian looks good and is from a wealthy, famous family. That is it.  Nothing more. Somehow that she has a nice big ass seems to make people want to buy her stuff. It must be some kind of magic.

Somewhere in the ether Andy Warhol laughing his ass off.



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