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Monday Night Football 2010: Battle of the Pretty Boy QBs!

Posted by on December 6, 2010 at 7:42 PM EST

tom brady mark sanchez mnf 2010Tonight Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez will go head-to-head on Monday Night Football.

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets looks like it should be very good game between two teams that want desperately to win their division. Not only is winning their division on their minds, but these two teams just plain don’t like each other. The Patriots and Tom Brady have been the kings of this roost for a long time, but Rex Ryan has brought the swagger back to New York and now the teams match up well and provide each other with some strong competition.

While these two teams play different types of football and are successful because of different things, their quarterbacks (Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez) to have one thing in common . . . the ladies.

Tom Brady is one of the premier lady’s men in the NFL. When he burst onto the scene and took the Patriots to the Super Bowl the guys loved him and the women swooned. He was a matinee idol in a league where everyone wears a helmet and face mask so you have a hard time telling what they look like. Brady tore a swath through the hottest women in the world on his way to the top. He dated one time Playboy Playmate of the year Layla Roberts, but dumped her to begin dating actress Tara Reid. This, mind you, was the Tara Reid of 2002 when she was in the middle of being one of the stars of the American Pie movies and she was one of the hottest girls on the planet. He left her for actress Bridget Moynahan who he dated and knocked up. While she was pregnant he left her for super model Gisele Bundchen who he has dated since 2006 and is now married to.

Mark Sanchez is young. It is only his second year in the league, but he is already doing a good job of living up to the standard that Tom Brady has set. Sanchez, like Brady, has the good looks that make the girl’s go crazy. It was reported a few weeks back after their big win over the Buffalo Bills that b and fellow teammates Braylon Edwards and Dustin Keller were at enjoying a meal at NY restaurant  Abe & Arthur’s. A woman saw him and uninvited she came over and sat down next to him. The players were nice to her and chatted with her, but as she got closer and closer to Mark things go uncomfortable and she wouldn’t leave. They had to bring security over and have her removed. In his short time in New York Sanchez has dated model Hilary Rhoda for a few months and then moved on to Sopranos star and all around babe Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Mark Sanchez has a strong start and if he wins the Super Bowl he will have to beat the girls off with a  club, but he still has a ways to go to best the master. The Jets might win the game tonight, but Tom Brady is still the Yoda to Sanchez’s young Obi Won when it comes to getting hot girls and climbing the ladder of babes to the top. At this point you might say that Brady has the ultimate pimp hand and Sanchez is still learning the game. On the field these two will meet tonight and battle it out for control of the division. Off the field Tom Brady is the man and Sanchez can only hope to live up to that legend.



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