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Don Meredith: Jets and Patriots Honor NFL Legend on MNF

Posted by on December 6, 2010 at 7:47 PM EST

don meredith mnfNFL legend and MNF announcer Don Meredith will be remembered at tonight’s Jets-Patriots game.

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game should be a good one as the New York Jets and New England Patriots face off with control of their division on the line. Over the weekend odds makers stated that the winner of tonight’s game has an 80% chance of winning the division especially if it is the Jets because they will then have two wins against the Patriots in their pocket. Regardless of how good the game is; it will be played in the shadow of the news that the NFL and Monday Night Football lost one of its greats today when Don Meredith died at the age of 72 from a brain hemorrhage.

Don Meredith was one of the NFL’s first real stars when he played for the Dallas Cowboys. It was his face, and arm, that took the Cowboys from being just another team to being America’s team. Current Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones said today that Don Meredith’s persona defined the Cowboys in the 1960’s and set the course for what the franchise would become.

As well-known as he was as a football player, Don Meredith became a household name when he joined Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford as one of the announcers of Monday Night Football. His Texas twang, witty sayings and playful demeanor with the normally abrasive and coarse Cosell quickly made him a fan favorite. He stayed with Monday Night Football for 14 years and helped grow it from the fledgling broadcast to the must see TV that it is today.

There is no doubt that a decent amount of tonight’s game (Jets vs. Patriots) will be spent talking about Don Meredith. Without him Monday Night Football as we know it may have never existed.

On the field the New York Jets and New England Patriots will play what is probably the most important game of the season so far. If The Patriots lose they will be a game back and have lost both their games to the Jets. With a tough schedule that includes Chicago, Green Bay and upstart Miami left it could be very difficult for them to catch back up. The Jets too have a difficult road ahead of them. The face Chicago, Miami and Pittsburgh still this year. Both the Patriots and Jets also have to play Buffalo who is starting to show some signs of life and may revel in the idea of playing spoiler.

Don Meredith was an old school guy. You know he would want the game to be a hard fought, hard-nosed contest and that should be what we get. Tune in tonight at 8:30pm EST to see what should be a great game and to remember the loss of one of the NFL’s greatest.



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