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Dexter Season 5 Recap: The Great Lumen Heist

Posted by on December 6, 2010 at 10:12 AM EST

dexter episode 11Dexter Season 5 returned last night with Hop A Freigther and here is a recap of what went down.

The new episode of Dexter Season 5 titled “Hop A Freighter” starts with Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) meeting with Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller). They tell him that Tilden disappeared and that all these guys that are dying or disappearing have Chase in common. Debra tells him that she thinks a vigilante is hunting Chase and his friends, but he tells her that she is just obsessed with him. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Lumen (Julia Stiles) cuddle on the floor as they go over a plan to get to Chase. She wants to use herself as bait to draw him out, but Dexter is worried that using her is a bad idea. Dexter tells Lumen that he feels like he is taking advantage of Debra by lying to her about who he is. He then notices a video of him and Lumen coming onto the screen of the baby monitor. He realizes there is a wireless camera in the room and someone must be near by watching them.

At the station Quinn meets Liddy (Peter Weller) and finds out Liddy’s union appeal was denied and he is officially out of the police force. He wants Quinn help him bust Dexter so he can get his job back. Quinn denies him, but Liddy tells him he has no choice. Dexter and Lumen find the camera and realize it belongs to Miami Metro Police. Dexter tells her that he can check the serial number on the camera to find out who checked them out. He knows whoever has been watching them hasn’t turned them in because they haven’t been arrested yet.

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Dexter gets to the office and sees everyone in a room waiting on him. They are trying to put together the case against Chase. Masuka (C.S. Lee) comes in and shows that he found two different footprints (Lumen’s) outside Tilden’s house and the vacant house next door. He went into the house and found a very clean room that smelled like bleach. What he doesn’t know is that he had found the remains of Dexter and Lumen’s kill room. Debra tells the room about her vigilante theory and that she thinks this vigilante is a girl that survive Chase’s attack and that she has a helper. After the meeting Dexter sneaks in and finds that Quinn checked out the stakeout equipment. He looks at the case number and finds it’s a fake and off the books.  During Dexter’s lunch break he and Lumen break into Quinn’s place to see if he has any evidence stashed there. He finds the pictures that Liddy gave him of him and Lumen dumping the body.

Quinn and Debra go visit Dentist Dan’s wife. She tells them that he would leave on trips with just his friends. They tell her about his connection to the rapes and murders. When they mention Jordan Chase she tells them her husband was close friends with Jordan Chase and had been since they were kids. She tells them his real name is Eugene Grier. When they get back to the office Batista (David Zayas) tells them about Chase’s connection to Tilden. Dexter overhears them and knows time is running out.

Dexter talks to Debra and she tells him about breaking up with Quinn and how Quinn had this idea about Dexter being tied to Rita’s (Julie Benz) death. She tells him that she cares about Quinn, but she can’t stand that he lied to her about his investigating Dexter. She then starts to psychoanalyze what the vigilante (Dexter and Lumen) are doing and what kind of relationship they have. She almost makes it sound romantic.

On a date Dexter buys Lumen a knife. Dexter tells her about Quinn and wants her to leave while he deals with Quinn, but she won’t have any of it.  They talk about just leaving town and being done with all this.

At the office Batista, Quinn and Debra go over the Chase case. They are able to put Chase and of the other suspects out of town at the same time. They are slowly zeroing in on them. Batista takes a call and while they are alone Quinn confesses his real feelings for her to Deb, telling her he really cares for her. Batista comes back and tells them that Chase is leaving the states for a multi-city European speaking deal so they only have one day to bring him in.

Dexter is watching the stakeout van. When he sees someone who he assumes is Quinn pull in he goes to grab him, but it is Liddy who gets the drop on him, tazes him and pushes him into the van.

Lumen is in Dexter’s apartment when Emily (the only other survivor of Chase) calls her and tells her that she is scared and she is going to the police. Lumen tells her to wait there and she and Dexter will protect her. All the while Chase watches her approvingly.

Dexter wakes up in the back of Liddy’s van. They drive to a private place where Liddy calls Quinn and tells him to meet him now. He tells Quinn if he doesn’t get down there right then he will call another cop and all hell will break loose. Liddy then sets up a laptop and shows Dexter the video he has of Dexter showing Lumen how to use the knife to kill someone. He says that he has no search warrant so he needs a confession. Lumen arrives at Emily’s house who wants to know where Dexter is. Lumen can tell something is wrong and says she will leave and go get him. Chase steps out and tells her that isn’t going to happen. Liddy tells Dexter if he gives a full confession he will remove any evidence that involves Lumen. Dexter attacks him and the two fight right as Quinn shows up. Dexter stabs Liddy, cuts himself free and hides in the van. The van is locked so Quinn calls Liddy, but Dexter is able to get to the phone first and shut it off. As he stands next the van and talks a drop of blood falls from under the van door and onto Quinn’s foot. He doesn’t notice it as he gets in his car and drives off. Dexter gets his messages from Lumen telling him about Emily. He grabs the laptop and camera and throws the laptop into the nearby water then heads out to help Lumen.

Debra finds out that her petition to arrest and detain Chase was denied. Laguerta (Lauren Velez) is the one that tells her and then she tells Debra that she should have come to her, she could have used her political connections to help. Debra tells her that she doesn’t feel like she can trust her any more. Laguerta then apologizes for betraying their friendship and hands her a different court order she was able to get from a different judge that owed her a favor. Dexter gets home and finds Lumen gone. Lumen is at Emily’s house Chase wants to know where Dexter is. Chase is getting pissed and he blames Emily. Lumen tries to flee and he attacks her. He grabs a fire poker and beats Emily with it.  When Dexter gets to Emily’s house he finds Emily dead and Lumen and Chase gone. Debra arrives at the airport and finds that Chase never showed for his flight. Dexter follows a blood trail and finds the knife he gave Lumen with blood on it outside the house. As the episode ends Dexter follows the blood trail into the night.



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