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Top Chef DC Recap: Pies, BBQ and Psychics

Posted by on July 1, 2010 at 4:57 PM EST

padma lakshmiTop Chef DC’s third episode aired last night on Bravo and was chock full of pies, BBQ and psychics.

In last night’s episode, Johnny Iuzzini, the head pastry chef at Jean Georges, was the guest judge for the Quickfire in which the contestants were challenged to make a pie.

Padma Lakshmi announced that they would be baking a pie and you would think the contestants of Top Chef DC saw a dead person walk by.

As time was called, the results were far from anything special or even remotely close to an actual pie. One contestant made a pie in which he put celery foam on the top. Celery foam? Just the thought of anything celery being close to a pie sends chills of utter disgust down my spine.

After the lackluster pie performance of all the chefs in the Quickfire challenge, Kenny is announced as the winner with his take on Bananas Foster Pie and is granted immunity from the next elimination challenge.

We now reach the part of the episode where the heat turns up. The Top Chef contestants receive their elimination challenge. They are to BBQ using little charcoal fired Webber grills at Mount Vernon.

The contestants finally arrive at Mount Vernon where they await yet another challenge. How do you set up a charcoal grill? I mean this entire episode could have been based on the contestants trying to start a fire on a Webber grill.

At one point the Top Chef contestant Tracey, asked, “How do I turn the temperature down?”

After a boring elimination challenge, with less than appealing food across the board, back at Judge’s table, chef Arnold won with his sesame lamb meatballs.

Meanwhile, back in the stew room, Tracey let’s the contestants in on a little secret. She is a psychic! I really wish I believed in that non-sense but the fact is that if she was such a psychic, why did she act surprised when she went home? She should have been able to see the future and know she was going home!

Yet another week of Top Chef DC passed and I am once again left unenthused. I hope as we lose some of terrible chefs and get to know the contestants more closely it will get better.



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