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Mel Gibson Brings the Crazy in The Beaver

Posted by on December 4, 2010 at 10:58 PM EST

mel gibson the beaver movieThe trailer for Mel Gibson’s new movie The Beaver has gone live and it looks simultaneously crazy and good. The story is about a married man with two kids who has a break down and has trouble pulling himself together. One day he finds a beaver puppet in a dumpster and starts talking to himself with it. He begins using the beaver puppet to talk to everyone and it slowly helps him get himself back on track while also driving the people in his life crazy.

There were a couple of things that came to mind as I watched The Beaver trailer. First and foremost I found myself wondering if I would be able to watch the movie without all of the crazy things Mel Gibson has said recently clouding my mind. For example, when Gibson was pulled over for DUI in Malibu he called one of the female officers ‘Sugartits.’ While I personally find that to be a hysterical thing to call someone, we now know – based on the phone conversation tapes – that he has major issues with women so to him it was probably just more than a funny thing to call her, he was probably trying to degrade her. During The Beaver trailer I kept waiting for him to call Jodie Foster (who plays his wife in the movie) Sugartits. I also kept expecting him to go off on one of his drunken anti-women rants and any minute.

The other issue I t(and maybe others may) have is that we now know a lot more about Mel Gibson and his private life. That can bleed into the performance. If you know someone feels one way or another about things then you see them playing a character that is the opposite of that it can sometimes distract you from that. Add in that some people simply will not see his movie because they don’t like the way he has been behaving and it could cause problems for the success of The Beaver. I have a feeling this movie is one part Gibson trying to repair his image and one part him trying to play up his crazy persona and try to show us all that it has been in good fun. I guess we will see if people will be buying it.



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  1. Some actors do not know when to retire and quit.

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