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Demi Lovato Rehab: Battered Dancer Threatens To Sue!

Posted by on December 4, 2010 at 11:46 AM EST

alex welch punchWhile Demi Lovato is in rehab, her pre-treatment attack victim has come forth.

Demi Lovato is reportedly doing well in rehab, I guess that is until yesterday. It seems like the backup dancer she allegedly attacked before rehab has finally come forth. Alex Welch, a dancer who was with Demi Lovato on the Jonas Brothers tour has released photos of the infamous punch. TMZ is reporting that Welch has taken on her own lawyer and is currently looking at her legal options.

For those who have been wishing Demi Lovato a speed recovery in rehab, you might want to cross your fingers for the young Disney star. Judging from the photos and story from Alex Welch, Demi attacked (punched) her without any reasoning. On a side note, judging by the bruises and black eye that Lovato left on Welch, you really don’t want to get on her bad side as Lovato is quite the fighter.

As more information surrounding Demi Lovato, her stint in rehab and Alex Welch‘s legal actions we will report it here!

You can check out the Demi LovatoAlex Welch post punch bruise photos at TMZ!



(1) Reader Comment

  1. “1- NO ONE deserves to be punched. What would you do if someone punched you in the face? I’m guessing you wouldn’t consider them a ‘friend’ anymore. Who cares about the ‘oh she was never a real friend to demi blah blah’ issue. Honestly people, get a grip.”

    No but people who DO get punched sometimes did something for it to occur. Nobody ever gets punched for no reason. At least not when it comes to two friends. Being ratted out is not a GOOD reason, but a reason none the less. Also it is possible to get into a fight a friens and still be friends. I guess you have no idea what being friends really means.

    “2- Demi clearly needs help: I used to be a fan of hers but no doubt she’s gone into a downward spiral. I only wonder what happened to the sweet girl who used to post vids on youtube with Selena Gomez. So sad.”

    Well then you were never a fan. You were a fence sitter. You were never a fan of someone. If you were, then you would at least support her while still thinking what she did is wrong. It’s possible to do both. But if you jump ship when you realize that the person you are a fan of is HUMAN then you aren’t a fan. What if Selena Gomez one day does something you don’t like? You gonna write her off as well because she made a very human mistake? You’re pathetic.

    “Im on the victim’s side on this one.. not Demi’s.”

    Is not Demi a victim or sorts as well? People who have Bully moments are also considered “Victims” so you’re gonna judge one person without even hearing them out properly? You’re a sad sad person.

    “On the same note, I don’t think Demi has a mental disorder.. I think it’s a simple case of spoiled and entitled starlet gone wrong.”

    Wow, gee thank you for giving us your educated analysis on someone you don’t even know. Even if you don’t even hold a degree in psychology or a degree in human behavior as well. You can’t diagnose someone if you haven’t even heard their side or talked to them. You don’t know what she’s going through or who she is. You don’t even see her on a daily basis yet you are making a claim against her as if you know her or what her problem is? Lol you’re so flawed.

    “And yes, she’s a celebrity so she’s under constant scrutiny by the public.”

    So being under the public eye means that she can’t have problems or make mistakes? You’re an idiot.

    “If she does something stupid (ie punching someone) we are ALLOWED to ascertain her character based simply upon the fact that if any other person did the exact thing that Demi did,”

    Yes you are allowed to ascertain her character based off of ONE mistake she made. You’d also be wrong about it and judging by your hap handed argument, you would most likely be WRONG about it as well. Basically you are saying that taking sides is ok without even hearing the other person’s side to the story. You’re a fool.

    “would anyone REALLY be on her side?No.”

    Well you’re wrong about that as well. People ARE on her side because we don’t know the story.

    “Demi fans- don’t fool yourselves into thinking you all know her and know what kind of person she is.”

    Well KATE, the same goes for you. Don’t foll YOURSELF into thinking you know her and what kind of person she is because of ONE mistake she allegedly made without even hearing her side of the story. Which is basically what YOU are doing. Good job moron. You contradicted yourself.

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