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American Idol Judges Ditch Simon Scare Tactics for Positive Approach

Posted by on December 4, 2010 at 11:27 AM EST

american idol judgesAmerican Idol judges are too soft on the contestants.

Simon Cowell is gone from American Idol and it sounds like he took the mean with him. Half of the fun of watching American Idol was for Simon’ s brutally honest, often very funny, opinions and criticism. Based on leaks and rumors coming from the auditions the new lineup of judges (Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and the last original judge left Randy Jackson) tend to try to be a little more on the positive side. They want to nurture and help the artists instead of putting them down.

As Simon Cowell would say, if we are being honest, I think being nothing but nice does everyone a disservice. I have often said that when you see some of the very bad singers who honestly believe they are good you are seeing people who don’t have any real friends. If they had any real friends those friends would prevent them from going on American Idol and making an ass of themselves. Still, even if it is just for fun and the judges slam someone during the big auditions, it is another thing all together when you get down to the smaller groups and you refuse to be honest with someone and give them realistic criticism. If you aren’t honest they can’t get better.

Obviously, it is too early to know if that will happen, but at the moment it sounds like nobody is stepping up to be the new American Idol bad guy.

Speaking of the American Idol bad guy, Simon Cowell will announce soon when his X-Factor show is set to start airing in the US. Rumor has it that the show will debut in the fall. If you have seen any of the clips from the show in Britain, Simon is in full form and he promises to bring that sharp tongue back to the states with him. I have a feeling that X-Factor is going to be a huge hit while American Idol will suffer a drop off this season. I wouldn’t be shocked if X-Factor beats American Idol in the ratings.

It sounds like the two shows won’t be competing head-to-head. American Idol often has two different seasons each year. With the new season set to star in January they are on target for another season in the fall when X-Factor (Simon Cowell‘s new show)will be airing. It will be a lot of fun to see Simon taking on Idol head-to-head. Until then we have American Idol and the new judges. We will very soon see if they can be mean when they need to be and if the show is still any good. It will help incredibly if they actually find some people who can sing. The last couple of American Idol seasons have not had very good singers, they better hope the new judges can find at least a few people out there with some charisma and a decent voice or they won’t stand a chance against Simon and his British hit making machine.



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