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The Walking Dead: Zombies Eat Season 1 Writers!

Posted by on December 4, 2010 at 11:53 AM EST

the walking dead finaleThe Walking Dead season 1 writers have all been fired?!

AMC Network has a bona fide hit on their hands and some real drama behind the scenes. The show I’m speaking of is The Walking Dead. The show started off big and has gotten bigger. The premiere episode brought in 5.3 million viewers and they have gone up from there. Recent episodes have seen as many as 5.5-5.7 million viewers. As more and more people discover and DVR they show they are tuning in on Sunday nights to get their zombie fix. To put those numbers into perspective that is more viewers than the NBC hits show 30 Rock has. It is more viewers than NBC’s Community, CW’s The Vampire diaries, Fox’s Fringe and NBC’s the Apprentice. It is more viewers than Letterman and Leno have combined. Yes, people love the Zombies.

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So naturally the way you celebrate the end of a fantastic first season (The Walking Dead season 1 finale airs this Sunday night) is by firing all of your writers. It was first reported earlier this week that show executive producer/writer/director Frank Darabont had let the other writers of the show go and said he would opt for freelancers if he needed help. This actually made sense because Darabont is known to be a guy that is very hard to get along with. However, today co-executive producer Gale Ann Hurd reported that these people were not fired, but that they have chosen to move on to other jobs. Of the dismissal of writer Charles Eglee, executive producers Robert Kirkman (who created the comic book series this show is based on) said, “Eglee is a high-level television writer. He was brought onto The Walking Dead with the idea that Frank was going to work on the first season and then go off and do movies. He didn’t want to be second-in-command on a show when he is used to being the top dog.” He goes on to say that this kind of thing is normal on TV show sand calls the earlier reports of Darabont going on a firing spree premature and unfortunate.

Most rumors about who was fired and who left and for what reason were left unanswered but Hurd did clarify that the staff will sit down early next year and start mapping out the second season. Shooting will begin in the second quarter of next year and The Walking Dead season 2 premier will be in October.

So far The Walking Dead has been great. Hopefully, they will keep it together and not screw it up.

The Walking Dead Season 1 finale will air Sunday night at 10|9c on AMC.



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