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“The Apprentice” Recap: Finals with Liza Minnelli and Kathy Griffin

Posted by on December 3, 2010 at 10:42 AM EST

the apprentice finalsThe Apprentice aired last night and another candidate was fired by Donald Trump.

At the end of last week’s The Apprentice Donald Trump fired Steuart then called the three remaining contestants back into the boardroom. He is going to fire someone else. As this week’s episode (part 1 of the 2 part finale) we pick up right where we left off. Clint, Brandy and Liza go back into the boardroom to face Trump and find out which of them is going home and which two will go on to the final challenge.

Going into the boardroom Clint is confident that one of the women is going home. Right out the gate Trump asks Brandy why he should hire her. She rattled off her resume. It is very impressive including working for the US Senate and working at top law firms. Donald Trump asks her who is weaker between Clint and Liza. She says Clint is stronger. He then asks Clint the same question. He does the same by giving his resume, but focuses on his real life experience. When asked if Brandy or Liza is the stronger contestant he says he thinks it is Brandy by a decent margin. He then moves on to Liza and she points out that she has always been hammered on in the boardroom the entire season and she has hung on to get this far so she is a fighter. She feels he should hire her because she has come a long way in her life and will give people hope and she will inspire them. When asked who she thinks is weaker she says it is Brandy that is the weaker of the other two players.

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Trump tells them all that they are all winners and just getting this far has been a huge boost to their careers. He tells Liza that her main weakness is that she has trouble getting along with people and that he likes her and thinks she is fantastic, but in the end she has to learn to work with other people better. He then fires her. She is devastated.

Clint and Brandy move on to the final of The Apprentice. They pop open the champagne and celebrate. They both know that the other person is very good and will be very hard to beat.

For the final Apprentice challenge Donald Trump takes Clint and Brandy to his golf course and tells them that one of the teams will be responsible for putting on a gala dinner with a musical show by Liza Minnelli. The other will put on a VIP golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin. Trump brings back six former contestants to help out. Anand, Mahsa, Steuart, Liza, Stephanie and Poppy. Trump splits the former contestants into two teams then tells Brandy she gets to choose first. She can either choose her team or her task. She says she wants to pick her team. She goes with the team of Liza, Stephanie and Anand. Clint gets Steuart, Mahsa and Poppy. Clint then chooses the dinner as his task so Brandy will get the golf event. He was very happy because he got his preferred task and his preferred team. As it turns out Liza is a very good golfer. Her swing impresses the hell out of Trump.

Clint puts Steuart in charge of the food and getting the flowers and Mahsa already feels like she is being overlooked. Brandy starts her planning and admits that she doesn’t know anything about golf. Liza (The Apprentice) really steps up because she knows all about golf and knows how this thing should work. Liza Minnelli’s manager shows up and helps Clint get her dressing room and all her demands taken care of. He tells Clint that she pays attention to detail and Clint assures him that everything will be perfect.

Brandy scrambles to get her head around what all a golf tournament would have in it while Clint works to get Ms. Minnelli’s dressing room perfect. Brandy wants to get prizes for her VIPs, but doesn’t know much about it. She decides to go with gift cards while Clint brings in an outside caterer to get Liza Minnelli’s personal food. At the store Liza goes a little off script and wants to get golf clubs for the VIP winners instead of the gift card. Clint and Steuart clash a little on where to put the food for their buffet dinners. Clint wants to put the food table in another room while Steuart wants it in where everyone else is. Brandy isn’t happy that Liza got golf clubs instead of $1000 gift cards for the golf winners.

Clint’s caterer for Liza Minnelli falls through at the last minute leaving them out to dry. Team Brandy talks to Kathy Griffin to help get her incorporated into the day. She helps clarify how it would probably be best suited to use her. She is clearly a fan of the Apprentice and seems to be happy to be involved. Steuart works the phones and gets a caterer that can get them what they need. Brandy calls Trump to find out who he wants to play golf with and he tells her that he wants Liza in his group which will leave her a person short during the event. Brandy is not very happy about it since Liza is the only one on their team that knows about golf. She thinks Trump is testing her to see how well she handles adversity on The Apprentice.

As the event starts Brandy forgets to tell her photographer which Trump National Golf Course to go to. He is at the wrong one and is two hours away. Clint drops the ball when he approved the final graphics for his posters and place cards. The problem is that he has Liza Minnelli’s name spelled wrong. They may not have enough time or money to fix it.

As the episode comes to an end everyone is scrambling to get everything in place before the tournament and dinner start. Next week we will see the final outcome of the task and find out who wins The Apprentice and is hired by Donald Trump.



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