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Eminem’s Recovery Comeback Earns Rapper Ten Grammy Nominations

Posted by on December 2, 2010 at 5:16 PM EST

eminem grammy nominations 2011Eminem walked away last night with 10 Grammy Award nominations for the 2011 event.

What has been a stellar year and could be considered one of the great comebacks in music history was capped off yesterday when Eminem received 10 Grammy Award nominations (2011), three more than Bruno Mars who had the second highest total with seven. Among his nominations are Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rap Solo Performance, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album and Record of the Year.

Eminem was done. He was over. He was in the past and his best days were gone. Or so the critics and many of his peers thought. Marshall Mathers was still putting out songs, guesting here and there on tracks and occasionally making appearances, but it was five years from the time he released Encore until 2009’s Relapse. During that time he had a very public battle with drugs and booze and when Relapse came out it was met with a lukewarm response by many. Relapse had a few good moments and he promised a sequel to it. But that never happened and it was looking like Eminem was going to start fading into the oblivion. He had a good run and few acts last very long so he had nothing to be ashamed of.

As Eminem continued to get clean and sober and started to write again, he put together what would become Recovery. The first single “Not Afraid” announced that he was returning to form, but it was duet with Rihanna, “Love the Way You Lie” that announced that he was back in full form. Returning to the domestic violence theme of his past Eminem uses the track to lash out at everyone including himself. It is a blistering portrait of a couple so in love that they are dangerous for each other and yet are helpless to change. It was vintage Eminem at the top of his game.

MTV labeled Eminem 2010’s Hottest MC in the Game. The album sold well, the video for “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan exploded all over YouTube and critics heaped praise on him. Most artists have a high point in their career where they do their best work then even if they continue to record and perform, they are often a shadow of their former self. Eminem had rediscovered himself and reinvented himself and reminded the music world that in the rap game, when he is on and at his best, there are none better. Grammy sat up and took notice. Will they actually award him the trophies? That remains to be seen. The Grammys are known for playing is safe and awarding acts that are sometimes bland and underserving and Eminem has a sorted history with the Grammys already so they may choose to ignore him. They say it is an honor to just be nominated. In this case the nominations prove that Eminem has done the improbable. Now that everyone is paying attention again, it will be interesting to see what Slim Shady has up his sleeve next.



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