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Quentin Tarantino: Samuel L. Jackson Hosts Friars Club Roast!

Posted by on December 2, 2010 at 2:27 PM EST

quentin tarantino friars club roastLast night celebrities gathered in New York as Samuel L. Jackson hosted the roast of Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino is a man that has pretty much done it all. Whether it is acting, writing or directing films, Tarantino has a track record of brilliant movies (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown to name a few). Thus being said, last night in New York, Samuel L. Jackson hosted a roast at the Friars Club in Quentin’s honor.

With Samuel L. Jackson as the roastmaster, Quentin Tarantino was in for one hell of a night. Things got kicked off right out of the gates as Jackson introduced Tarantino as Quentin Super Fly Tarantino Presley, a nickname given by Jackson to Quentin for his extreme love of Elvis and urban film.

It is reported that approximately 2500 guests showed up for the roast of Quentin Tarantino last night (a new record). Among the list of celebs were:  Jeffrey Ross, Rob Schneider, Whitney Cummings, Uma Thurman (starred in Kill Bill), Jerry Lewis, Howerd Stern, Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman and Brett Ratner.

All in all it seems like the annual Friars Club roast went off without a hitch. While reports are saying the record breaking audience wasn’t that thrilled, there were some high points in the night. I mean you really can’t go all out on someone like Quentin Tarantino. I have watched all of his films and the man truly scares me. I am sure the celebrities at the roast felt somewhat the same way as they were roasting such a huge name in Hollywood.

We wish you well Quentin Tarantino in your career and can’t wait for Kill Bill: Vol. 3!



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