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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: Which Two Castaways Quit?

Posted by on December 2, 2010 at 11:09 AM EST

survivor nicaragua purple kellyLast night on Survivor Nicaragua two of the castaways quit the show.

It was a crazy night on Survivor: Nicaragua that left even host Jeff Probst at a bit of a loss for words. Things started out focusing on the weather. It has been raining hard and is cold and things are generally miserable. With the fire that happened a few days prior destroying part of their shelter and tarp as well as most of their food, the contestants are having trouble staying dry or warm and are existing on 1 cup of rice per day. Both Purple Kelly and NaOnka are telling people they were going to quit. They are both worn out and broken down and can’t go any further.

Before the Survivor Nicaragua reward challenge NaOnka pulls Chase aside and gives him the hidden immunity idol that she has. He is thankful then tells the camera that even if she decides not to leave the game he isn’t giving it back.

At the Survivor reward challenge Jeff Probst explains that the challenge is inspired by the new movie Gulliver’s Travels. Two captains will be selected and they will take turns picking teams. When it is all said and done the yellow team consisted of Fabio, Jane, Sash and Purple Kelly. The blue team was NaOnka, Holly, Chase and Benry. Dan, for obvious reasons, was not picked. He chooses to back the blue team so if they win, he gets to go with them on the reward challenge. The challenge requires the teams to untie their 8 foot tall Gulliver doll and then carry him through an obstacle course. They must go over a wall, through some ropes and hay bales then through a rope maze. They can’t drop him or throw him; they have to treat him like a real person. It is very close, but the blue team squeaks out the win. The reward is that the winning team gets to go to the Survivor Theater where they will watch an early screening of Gulliver’s Travels while eating theater food including hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and all the candy they want.

After the winning team is announced NaOnka tells Probst that she wants to quit Survivor Nicaragua. He is shocked and sarcastically asks if anyone else wants to quit. He is nearly knocked over when Purple Kelly tells him that she does too. If you are a fan of Survivor you know the one thing Probst can’t stand is people who quit the show. He tells them that night they will have a special tribal council and both Purple Kelly and NaOnka can take the day to decide if they really want to quit.

With the quitters dealt with, he then tells the blue team that if one of them gives up their reward they can get a new, big tarp and a large canister of rice to feed everyone pretty well for last 11 days. Holly steps up and volunteers to do it. NaOnka, after just saying she was quitting, shocks everyone by not offering to stay behind. Everyone is happy Holly took one for the team and the remainder of the blue team goes off to enjoy the movie and food.

Back at camp Holly tries to give Purple Kelly a pep talk much like the one Jimmy Johnson gave her on day five that fired her up and kept her in the game. Purple Kelly says she is feeling better and is grateful for more food and the better tarp, but doesn’t know if that is enough.

At the Survivor Nicaragua tribal council Jeff Probst lays into NaOnka and Purple Kelly. NaOnka is as arrogant and ignorant as ever. She is proud she made it 28 days and sees that an accomplishment. She says she didn’t give up her reward because she was going out with a bang and that she really felt she had a legit shot a winning the game (this draws laughter from everyone). Purple Kelly says she is just too tired and cold and hungry and broken down. She can’t really go on even though she is the youngest person out there so she should have the most energy.  A few people including Chase, Holly and Jane explain how flabbergasted they are with these two quitting and even try one last time to convince them not to, but in the end it doesn’t work. Probst asks them each if they want to quit and they both say yes. He snuffs out their torches with disgust and tells them that he will be leaving their torches on display so that every time they come back to tribal as members of the jury everyone will see them and remember they are quitters. Purple Kelly seems sorry, but broken. NaOnka is actually proud of herself.

Now that they are both gone it is clear that everyone left wants it bad and with the two quitters leaving some alliances are gone as well. It should be a very interesting final 10 days of Survivor Nicaragua.



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