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Britney Spears: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Posted by on December 2, 2010 at 10:58 AM EST

britney spears lawsuitJason Trawick has allegedly hit Britney Spears, according to a FAKE video recording.

Britney Spears is in the news again and once again it is for all the wrong reasons. Just as things were looking up for the pop star with she, her father and the court all recently agreeing on keeping the conservatorships that allows her father and a team to oversee her business and financial dealings in place for the foreseeable future and she finally realizing having them in place seems to be what is best for her, Britney’s life has gone back to revolving around seeing her kids, hanging with her boyfriend and getting coffee and frozen yogurt. Until today when a bombshell was dropped by, technically, her first husband Jason Alexander who made claims that Britney’s boyfriend Jason Trawick is physically abusive to her and has even hit her, leaving her with a black eye.

The media jumped all over the story yesterday morning, descending on Britney Spears and Jason Trawick like vultures and leaving the twosome scrambling. They immediately denied the charges, but then Alexander released an audio clip that is a recording of a phone call he had with Britney where she told him that her father was so upset with Trawick for hitting her that he had his shotgun out and was waiting to use it. On the tape he also asks her about when Trawick hit her so hard that he left her with a black eye and she confirms it. There is one problem. The girl on the tape doesn’t sound like Britney Spears.

I’m not Matlock or Perry Mason and I’m sure no Britney Spears expert, but she is one of the most famous people in the world, we have all heard her voice and the person on the audio clip that was released does not sound like Britney. TMZ even spoke to a man named Arlo West who is a certified forensic audio expert and he says, “In my opinion, it’s not her voice in the recording.” He compared the audio clip to half a dozen interviews Spears has done over the years and says that the mannerisms in her voice just don’t match up.

Britney Spears went to see Jason Trawick at work. He is an agent at the William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Agency. He was actually one of Britney’s agents before they started dating but stepped down from that position once they were involved. She stayed with him there for a while then the two left together.

Britney Spears has her legal team now looking into what Alexander is saying and who is involved with the tape.

For those who don’t remember, Jason Alexander is a childhood friend of Britney’s. In January of 2004 she was in Las Vegas with him and the two, after some drinking and gambling decided to get married. Her family and business managers were livid and the marriage was annulled 55 hours later. Reports were she gave him a very nice car and some cash (perhaps as much as a few hundred thousand dollars) to agree to the annulment. He did and Spear’s team says she hasn’t been in touch with him in several years.

This brings forth the question then of why is Alexander suddenly showing up with these claims? If they aren’t true, which it is looking like they aren’t, then the only reason could be money. Perhaps he planned to sell his story, along with all of his “tapes” to a tabloid for a nice chunk of cash. He better have had a very large offer on the table because if all of this is false, messing with someone as famous and wealthy as Britney Spears could ruin him for life. Her reps have already said they will be filing lawsuits against him so the walls are about to crash in on Alexander.

I, for one, hope it is fake and I hope she crushes him. I’m not some rabid Britney Spears fan, but she seems like a decent person who has gone through some rough times. Nobody needs someone from their past showing up and essentially blackmailing you in public as they try to cash in.

We will keep you updated on this case as more happens.



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