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Top Chef Season 8 Recap: Bourdain vs. Fabio Round 1!

Posted by on December 2, 2010 at 10:48 AM EST

top chef all stars premiereTop Chef All-Stars premiered last night and we already have a bitter rivalry on our hands.

You know, I am an avid fan of Top Chef as I have been watching the award winning show since Season 1. Last night, Top Chef All-Stars premiered and I have to say, I was quite impressed. BRAVO did a pretty amazing job with the selection of past contestants as well as adding Anthony Bourdain to the judging lineup.  With all of the different personalities battling over $200,000, it is surely going to be one hell of a season. Let’s take a look at how the Top Chef Season 8 premiere went down last night real quick.

The show kicked off with all of the contestants entering the New York house in which they will be staying. Some of them were happy to see the others while some people looked down upon their worst enemies. Anyways, as they put on their black Top Chef coats, they entered the kitchen in which Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio were waiting. It was time for the 1st Top Chef All-Stars quickfire challenge!

The Top Chef contestants were divided into teams based upon their individual season from which they represent. The challenge was for the teams to create a food dish that represented the city in which their season of Top Chef was located in. Padma Lakshmi lets them know that whoever wins will receive immunity, the whole team that is. Let the utter chaos begin as the teams scramble to create a winning dish in 25 minutes.

The All-Stars are going completely ape shit in the kitchen and you can immediately tell that some of them are a bit rusty as far as Top Chef skills go. The Top Chef: New York team didn’t seem to get the challenge as they each made their own dish. This is mainly in due to the fact that Jamie Lauren thinks she is “stronger” than Fabio and Carla and didn’t want to work with them. BI!*H! ( I hope she goes home soon) Elia and Marcel from season 2 seem a little bit too calm and it shows with their final product as the judges came around to taste. With the 25 minutes out of the way, Tom Colicchio lets the teams know how they did.

Tom’s bottom dishes were from: Elia and Marcel (season 2), Tiffani and Stephen (season 1), Fabio, Jamie and Carla (Season 5), Angelo and Tiffany (Season 7). Let’s get on to the favorites from last night’s Top Chef quickfire: Tre, Dale and Casey (season 3), Richard, Spike, Dale and Antonia (season 4), Michael and Jennifer (season 6). Tom announces that the winner of immunity and the first Top Chef: All-Stars quickfire is Team Chicago (Richard, Spike, Dale, Antonia). I guess Richard’s crazy mustard ice cream on the sausage dog was enough to win!

Padma Lakshmi congratulates the winners as we move forth with the first Top Chef Season 8 elimination challenge. The cheftestants were told that they were going to improve upon the dish that originally sent them home on their respected seasons. They are also made aware that Anthony Bourdain has become a permanent fixture on the judge’s panel. As the teams scramble about the kitchen, Richard immediately points out Angelo Sosa as a strong competitor in the competition. It seems the flamboyant cook from season 7 is already a force to be reckoned with.

Meet The Top Chef All Stars Contestants!

As teams complete their prep for the first Top Chef All Stars elimination challenge, Tom Colicchio lets them know that they will be divided into two groups at the restaurant. One team will be cooking while the other team will join Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi and Anthony Bourdain as they taste their competitor’s food.

As the first group watching on from the kitchen, this is where the great Fabio vs. Anthony Bourdain battle comes into play. While the contestants and judges had some good and bad things to say about the 1st groups dishes, it is something Bourdain said that pissed Fabio off. Anthony Bourdain describes Fabio’s dish as “an inside out animal” and goes on to say he “hated it.”  As group one of last night’s Top Chef premiere leaves the kitchen, they join the judges at the dinner table. Immediately, Fabio confronts Anthony Bourdain on the crude comments that were made. The tension level at the top skyrockets to code red as I thought the two were going to duke it out.

All things aside, the Top Chef All-Stars elimination challenge is over and it is time to find out who the judges loved and hated. Padma calls in Richard, Spike, Angelo and Jamie but Tom Colicchio lets Richard that while he had a great dish, he went over the allotted time and could not win. Angelo Sosa takes home the 1st Top Chef Season 8 victory as well as $10,000.

Excited, Angelo now has to send in the bottom three contestants from last night’s challenge. Fabio, Stephen and Elia are called in as the bottom. I surely thought that Stephen was going to be the one to go home but it is announced that Elia Aboumrad has to pack her knives and go.

All in all, last night’s Top Chef Premiere was pretty damn good. I look forward to this entire season and hopefully we get to see Fabio and Bourdain fight at some point in the season.

Top Chef All-Stars will return next Wednesday night at 10|9c on BRAVO.



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  1. Last night’s episode of Top Chef All-Star was amazing! I’m so happy to see my favorite top chef contestants.Bourdain had me laughing like crazy. I LOVE him and I’m glad he’s a judge on the show! Elia shouldn’t have talked back to the judges, she had an attitude. If she kept her mouth shut, she would still be on the show. I think she’s a great chef, but unfortunately we’ll never get to see her shine.

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