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Dancing With the Stars 2011: Todd Palin and Lindsay Lohan Casting Rumors

Posted by on December 1, 2010 at 6:44 PM EST

dancing with the stars 2011Rumors for the cast of Dancing With The Stars 2011 are already generating buzz.

The producers of Dancing With the Stars know a good thing when they see one. That good thing was controversy in the form of Bristol Palin and her improbably run all the way to the show’s finals. Viewership was up throughout the season while the ratings for the season finale were the highest they had been in five seasons. So with this in mind, the producers are already hard at work trying to put together the cast for next season. Some interesting names (Todd Palin, Lindsay Lohan, Portia de Rossi) are already popping up and with them potentially a lot of that much sought after controversy.

The newest name floating around the rumor mill is none other than Bristol Palin’s dad Todd Palin. DWTS had actually approached Todd about doing the show before they got Bristol and he turned them down. With his wife’s reality show doing decently in the ratings and Bristol getting a load of attention from DWTS he might actually accept the offer this time. Another Palin on the show is sure to stir up some controversy, but the question will be how long on the show will he last? Bristol had controversy around her right from the start, but it didn’t really start to explode until about halfway through the season when she kept surviving the eliminations no matter how badly she danced.

Another name that just came up is Lindsay Lohan. She will be out of rehab by the time DWTS starts coming together and it is pretty well known that because of all her legal issues and rehab costs she needs money. She is supposedly open to the idea of doing the show as a way to make some quick cash, prove she can be professional and rehab her image to show that she is a viable and bankable actor. The producers of the show have supposedly wanted Lindsay for a while. Right now is probably their best chance to get her. She will bring in viewers because people will want to see how she looks, how she is health wise and if she is crazy. Also, I get the sense that a lot of people like her and feel sorry for her and want her to do well so they will tune in to see if she can pull it together.

Portia de Rossi is also on the DWTS dream list. More importantly, the producers would like to have her come on and dance with a same sex partner. They feel Portia is the perfect person for this because she is openly gay and people really seem to like her and Ellen. Not to mention all the free plugs on Ellen’s hit show she would bring with her.

The Dancing With the Stars producers are also said to be considering both Meghan McCain (daughter of John McCain) and former New York governor Elliot Spitzer who got caught paying for sex with a high dollar hooker.

Combined, this is one hell of a cast. All they are missing is someone that people already love and adore, an athlete, and a musician and they are ready to let the dancing commence.



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