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World Aids Day 2010: Help Alicia Keys Buy Life Now!

Posted by on December 1, 2010 at 12:07 PM EST

world-aids-day-2010Help Alicia Keys raise $1,000,000 to Buy Life for World Aids Day 2010.

Millions of people have died due to the terrible virus that causes AIDS and today on Worlds Aids Day 2010 we remember people who have lost their lives and raise awareness on the deadly disease.  Having known a very close family member who lost his life to the virus AIDS, I’m able to have an idea of how painful it is to watch a loved one suffer from this virus. The hopelessness I saw in my grandmother’s face because she wasn’t able to take away his pain and cure him is something I’ll never forget. I’m sure many parents would feel he same way about their child.

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According to UNAIDS global report, more than 60 million people have died from HIV or Aids.  Due to the many contributions, research and awareness, that number has declined.  Time and time again we see stars like Carry Underwood, Angelica Jolie and Brad Pitt visiting countries to speak awareness and donating millions of their dollars to the cause.

Today we wear red to celebrate Worlds Aids Day 2010 as a way to remember the many lives lost because of HIV and AIDS.

This year many celebrities have chosen to take part of World Aids Day 2010 by taking a moment of silence and stepping away from ‘Twitter and Facebook’ until 1 million dollars is raised for Alicia Keys’s “Keep a Child Alive” non-profit group that provides vital antiretroviral (ARV) therapy for children and their families with HIV/AIDS around the world.

Last night celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga all posted their final twits and posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Justin Timberlake twittered, “@jtimberlake is officially dead. I sacrificed my digital life in order to give real life to millions of people who are affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India,” He also posted a video his fans can view for his final post.

Kim Kardashian’s twit was not surprising; she was going to miss not blogging.

Hmm how about picking up a book instead Kim or donate your own 1 million.

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