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Michael Douglas Plays Liberace In New Steven Soderbergh Film

Posted by on December 1, 2010 at 10:22 AM EST

michael douglas liberaceMichael Douglas talks about his upcoming role as Liberace.

Michael Douglas is doing so well with his throat cancer treatments that he is already starting to talk about taking on his next movie role. That role, seemingly an odd one for him, is said to be the role of Liberace in Steven Soderbergh’s movie titled Liberace. Douglas says he has a bunch of tapes of Liberace’s performances that he is studying and that the role will require him to wear some prosthetics as well as get some musical training.

It was just a few months ago that Michael Douglas announced that he had stage 4 throat cancer and that he would be undergoing some very serious treatment for it. He seems to be making a steadfast recovering and reports say that while he has some dryness of the throat, his voice sounds good.

In addition to starting his new movie (Liberace) he is planning on taking his family on a trip around the world. He says his kids are at the right age where they will understand it, but that he and the family will have to make sure they have enough to do so they don’t drive each other crazy.

The movie and the trip all hinge on the results of a PET scan he will have in January to determine if his tumor is gone. His doctors tell him there is an 80% cure rate for the type of cancer he has. Michael Douglas says he hasn’t paid any attention to recent tabloid pictures that showed him looking pretty weak and sick. Of the illness he says he has never looked at it as a life and death kind of situation, but more as something that he just has to get over. He does, however, admit that it has given him a little perspective on his mortality.

If his scan in January goes well Michael Douglas will begin prepping himself for the movie which is scheduled to start shooting in May or June of next year. He says he is going into as a blank slate with no preconceived notion of whom or what Liberace was.

It seems like a strange choice of roles for him (Liberace), but Douglas has always been a maverick of sorts so it makes sense that fresh out of cancer treatment he would chose to do something that will push him and challenge the audience. Hopefully his health will let him do it.



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