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Bristol Palin Reality Show VS. Skating With The Stars [POLL]

Posted by on November 30, 2010 at 7:04 PM EST

bristol palin vs skating with the starsA little test to see what our readers would rather watch; A Bristol Palin reality show or Skating With The Stars.

Last night I sat down and wrote up a live results piece for the week 1 elimination of Skating With the Stars. I found myself bored out of my mind after about 2 minutes and decided that I was not going to sit through as ABC drug out their new DWTS spin-off for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Instead, I tuned in right before SWTS was scheduled to be over and updated my post with the news that Sean Young was voted off, yippee! Now here I am and I am not going to do a recap of all of last night’s figure skating non-sense. I will however, ask you all something that popped into my brain earlier this morning.

I am sure you all remember Dancing With the Stars and that beloved 3rd place voting rigger Bristol Palin. Well, I figured we would have a bit of fun since I equally despise both Bristol Palin and Skating With The Stars. Let’s say that ABC gave the viewers a choice as to what they would rather watch. You would have to choose between Skating With the Stars or a Bristol Palin reality show. I know it is a tough choice but equally entertaining nonetheless. Names for the Bristol reality show are already swirling around in this crazy mind of mine. I really like Bristol: Abstinence After Birth but I am not sure if ABC would go for that.

Choose wisely as god forbid the Bristol Palin reality show were to come true. Enjoy the nice little poll below.

What Would You Rather Watch?

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  1. For all your ‘vile’ against Bristol Palin I would point out one thing…….LOOK AT YOUR OWN POLL….Dickhead……Obviously your opinion, if can call it that is on the fringe…..Most, even by your poll would love to watch her……your views from what I have read are so selfserving you should be writing a Hollywood type of blooooog…Oh wait a minute….You are 🙂
    Congrats on reaching your personal DWTS

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