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Barbara Walters: Will Bristol Palin Rig 2010 Most Fascinating People of the Year?

Posted by on November 29, 2010 at 7:27 PM EST

barbara walters bristol palin 2010Will Bristol Palin be one of the remaining two on Barbara Walters list of Most Fascinating People of the Year?

It is becoming that time of year again. The leaves are falling off the trees, Thanksgiving is now behind us and we are heading quickly towards the New Year. That means it is time for the annual Most Fascinating People of the Year special by Barbara Walters. Every year she puts together her list of the ten most fascinating people of the year and while there are always some shocks, surprises and controversies, there are always some people on the list everyone expected. Today Barbara Walters released eight of the names on the list, choosing to keep the top two people to herself so she can reveal them on the show.

The eight others are: Sarah Palin, Kate Middleton (she is the woman who just got engaged to Prince William), the entire cast of Jersey Shore ( she counts them all together as one), Jennifer Lopez who was recently named as a new judge on American Idol, music superstar and teenager Justin Bieber, Betty White, Sandra Bullock and LeBron James.

That leaves a lot of room for speculation about who the top two on Barbara Walters list of Most Fascinating People of the Year are. Some guesses? Oprah could be there. She announced she is leaving her successful talk show to start her own network. Lindsay Lohan was in the news a lot and seems to be on track to getting her life back together. Bret Michaels had a hell of a year from near death illness to being caught in the middle of the Miley Cyrus’s parent’s divorce. Miley herself could make the list as took a decidedly more sexy and adult turn in her music and performances. Don’t forget Tiger Woods who was all anyone could talk about earlier in the year. The same goes for his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren. I also wouldn’t sleep on Kanye West making the list. His year started bad then turned good and now he is back to being bad again (he even got booed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade [read here]). You might argue that Bristol Palin could make the list because of all the controversy she caused this year on Dancing With the Stars. Taylor Swift would also be a good choice. She was fascinating because of her situation with Kanye West and then her most recent album going platinum in a week. Lastly, let’s not forget President Obama. In the last year he has seen his popularity wane and he was just dealt a pretty health slap as the people voted the republicans back into power in the house, a clear statement that many people are not happy with how he is running the show and a mandate for him to switch up his game plan.

You can tune in to see who ends up being the top 2 most fascinating of the year and see which of the people on the list Barbara Walters makes cry on Dec. 9th.



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