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Lady Gaga: Jewelry Designer Angers PETA With Fashionable Meat!

Posted by on November 29, 2010 at 6:26 PM EST

lady gaga meat jewelryLady Gaga and her new meat based line of jewelry are sure to make PETA real happy.

In what might be the oddest case of life imitating art, an L.A – based jewelry designer, Onch Movement, has created a new line of jewelry based on and inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress and meat accessories that she wore to this year’s MTV VMAs. Yes, you heard that correctly. You too can now have some meat jewelry, which Queen Gaga made an instant fashion trend recently.

The first two pieces in the would-be Lady Gaga meat-lovers line are called the Meat-Lace and the Meat-cuff.  The Meat-Lace is a necklace that looks a lot like a New York steak with a two tone black and gold chain. The Meat-Cuff you wear around your wrist as if it were a shirt cuff. It is held in place with two metal meat rings.

Fear not, the meat jewelry is not something you can only wear once then toss onto the barbeque before it goes bad, these items are made to look and feel like meat, but are actually made of another material that is 100% animal safe. So you can wear you meat-wear out, bring it home and store it just like you would any other jewelry or accessory. When you are I the mood again, it will be fresh looking and ready to go all Lady Gaga at your local club.

The company says that these items were directly inspired by the now infamous meat outfit Lady Gaga wore. She got a lot of mileage out of that outfit. Shortly after wearing it she appeared on the cover a magazine wearing only a meat bikini (no word on if this was just what was left over from the meat dress after dinner) and Bruce Willis even gave her a nod when he wore a meat hairpiece on The David Letterman Show.

At the moment the Meat-Lace and Meat-Cuff along with a t-shirt that has a picture of a steak on it are the only pieces in Onch’s Meat-cessory line. There is no word on if they plan to create more. We will keep you posted on all the Lady Gaga meat-wear news as we learn more.



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  1. Empowering the world, one steak at a time. WWGD!

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