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Recap: Entourage Season 7 Fails To Deliver

Posted by on June 28, 2010 at 4:01 PM EST

entourage season 7Entourage Season 7 premiered last night on HBO and I will be the first to say that it fails to deliver.

We pick up the Entourage boys where we last left them. Every single character, including Turtle and Drama have careers they are tending to in this Season 7 opener.

There is no more jobless Turtle, driving Vince around as his contribution to the Entourage crew. Instead, Turtle now owns his own chauffeur business in which hot girls drive around the upper class portion of society.

E is off managing his own clients, engaged to ex-girlfriend Sloan and seems to be living it up in Hollywood.

Drama, is of course, still struggling to catch a break in Hollywood, in this episode he demands that his new Agent, Lloyd, gives him more attention and a whole team devoted to his career.

Meanwhile, Ari Gold, the usual life force of the show is struggling with his new role as head of the “largest agency in the world.” His main quarrel in this episode is missing his kids’ student teacher conference at school. This is of course was utterly dissatisfying as I am used to Ari being an intense, loud-mouthed force to be reckoned with.

Thus we get to Vincent Chase, the star of the show. Vince has E, Ari, Turtle and Drama all worried about him because of his plan to do his own stunts. In a move to prove he is not a “pussy,” Vince goes ahead and does a crash scene, which was the ending to this terrible Entourage season 7 premiere. Vince’s crash scene doesn’t go as planned and he crashes into a fiery barn.

Oh Suspense!  Of course Vincent Chase walks out unscathed and says he is ready to do it again if need be. Come on, really? That was the big stunt scene everyone was talking about?

Just chalk that up as another disappointing piece of a show that I used to look forward to watching every week.

All in all this Season 7 premiere of Entourage was a huge disappointment that failed to deliver.

Might as well rename the show to Real Homeboys of California or some non-sense, a cheap spin-off of the Real Housewives series all the ladies enjoy. As of last night, that is where the show is headed.

I really hope the producers can fix the rest of Entourage Season 7, otherwise I feel that the rest of season 7 will be one grueling race to the finish line where Entourage the series will meet its demise.



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  1. What a douch! Tim Smith will not only be the first to say….he will be the only to say…Entourage is back and it is still the sheiz! Watch it, your love it!

  2. Hey,
    I disagree with your “Fail to deliver” post, since you cant expect a bomb on the very 1st episode of a new season.

    The good thing is that “The Boys are Back..!!” Tim, be a little positive and if you don’t like, you might as well stop watching it…

  3. Don’t get me wrong guys and gals, I am a huge fan of the show as I have watched it since the beginning. I was looking forward to the season premiere, as last season left us with a ton of cliffhangers. That being said, this first episode was by far the worst of the entire Entourage series. It just failed to deliver anything new for me, who as I said before am a huge fan of the show. Lateshgc, I disagree with you about your idea of a first show. The whole point of a season premiere is to suck the audience in so that they stick around for the rest of the season. Being a loyal fan of the show I will, but for people who may have watched it for the first time last night, I can’t say the same. They probably looked at the show and were left wondering what the big deal is. Anyways, I am glad you all voiced your comments as that is what I like to see. My posts are my opinions and of course people will disagree, that is just the way things go. I will continue watching the rest of Entourage this season and pray that it gets better. Thanks again for voicing your opinions.

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