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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: Hong Kong Karaoke Buffet

Posted by on November 29, 2010 at 11:04 AM EST

amazing race 17 karaokeThe Amazing Race 17 returned last night as the contestants were told to fly over 3500 miles to Hong Kong.

On last week’s Bangladesh leg of The Amazing Race 17, newly engaged Chad and Stephanie checked in last to the pit stop and were eliminated from the race. This week, the doctors Jill and Thomas will depart first on their race to Hong Kong.

As the teams raced to the airport, they all find out that there is only one flight to Hong Kong. After the events of  last week’s episode (Jill and Thomas u-turned Brook and Claire) we braced ourselves for an Amazing Race confrontation at the airport. While Jill seemed to feel bad, Thomas showed off his douche bag side and said he could care less, it’s just a game. Anyways, onwards to Hong Kong!

Meet The Teams Of The Amazing Race 17

Once the teams arrived in Hong Kong, it was a foot race to the next clue box. Three of the four teams made it to the boat on time but Nick and Vicki missed it. Upon arrival at the next clue box, the teams were sent to Majesty Chinese Restaurant where things got quite entertaining.

For last night’s Amazing Race road block, teams were to scour through a huge buffet table of Chinese food looking for 1 of 5 fakes pieces of food. The catch here was, any food they touched, they would have to eat and there was a lot of food on the table. The challenge was pretty much like finding a needle in a hay stack all the while gorging yourself with Chinese food and listening to terrible karaoke in the background. Once the detour was completed, teams would be handed their next clue which told them to “Enter the Dragon.” In reference to Bruce Lee, the teams must travel to the Avenue of Stars and find a statue of the iconic martial arts expert.

Upon arrival at the statue of Bruce Lee (next clue) teams would get the Detour challenge of last night’s episode of The Amazing Race 17. The contestants would now choose to do either “Ding Ding” or “Sampan.” In the Ding Ding challenge, teams must ride a two-tiered Chinese bus around the city looking for three clues which will lead them to the pit stop. In the Sampan challenged, teams must take a bird cage with a numbered tag on it, hop aboard a boat (sampan) and look for a ship with the same # that is on their cage.

After the detour is completed, teams will have the clue to the pit stop and must make their way there to find out their fate. Now that the challenges of last night’s Amazing Race are explained, let’s take a look at how the teams did:

  • Nat and Kat – These two ladies are quite possibly the fakest people I have ever encountered and somehow they managed to score 1st place on last night’s episode. I really wish they would be voted off already because I am not sure how much more of them I can take.
  • Jill and Thomas – Leaving 1st on this leg of The Amazing Race 17 really had no affect as all of the teams were on the same flight. However, once in Hong Kong Jill and Thomas managed to keep their lead most of the night. After struggling at the Chinese buffet detour they allowed Nat and Kat to pass them up. Things would only get worse for the couple as they first chose the Ding Ding road block but after failing at it, headed to the Sampan challenge. Had they been successful at the Ding Ding challenge they would have easily taken 1st place. However with all of the lost time, Jill and Thomas took 2nd place.
  • Brook and Claire – These two amazing ladies dominated in the beginning of the race. Once they arrived at the buffet challenge though, Claire had a little bit of trouble. After some puking in the bathroom and Brook being a crazy cheerleader (singing, dancing, running around) the two managed to complete the task. Once they arrived at the road block they picked the Sampan challenge. Brook and Claire did fairly well and managed to grasp a 3rd place finish. This is the team I hope wins the entire Amazing Race, Brook is amazing and Claire took a watermelon to the face, what more can you ask for.
  • Nick and Vicki – These two came in dead last once again but of course, for the 2nd time, it was a non-elimination leg for these two tattooed rejects. Nick is the biggest ass***e on the face of the earth and I really feel sorry for Vicki. These two didn’t even complete the road block and because of that next week will probably be their last. On top of the speed bump (an extra challenge) they also received a 6-hour penalty for quitting. I really hope they are eliminated from Amazing Race 17 next week.



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