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Dexter Season 5 Recap: Sexy Serial Killer In Training

Posted by on November 29, 2010 at 10:19 AM EST

dexter season 5 episode 10Dexter Season 5 returned last night with In The Beginning and here is a recap of what went down.

As the new episode of Dexter Season 5 titled “In the BeginningDexter (Michael C. Hall)  is planning for the worst now that Jordan Chase is after them. He moves Lumen (Julia Stiles) out of the house and into his apartment. What he doesn’t know is that Liddy (Peter Weller) is staking them out and sees them. Inside Lumen and Dexter decide to visit the girl whose blood Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) wears around his neck. They realize she looks like Lumen and all the other victims, but she is older, maybe their first victim that somehow survived.

At the police department Laguerta (Lauren Velez) is rallying the troops as they re-open the Boyd Fowler/girls in the barrel case with the new DNA evidence that Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) found. They are now looking into Cole Harmon (Chris Vance), who is, of course, dead thanks to Dexter. When Debra and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) go to Chase’s headquarters to pick up Harmon they find out he has been missing for a couple of weeks and Chase never reported it. Chase puts up a smokescreen and says that Harmon told him he needed some time off and left. Chase tells them he will only be talking through his attorney from now on. Debra is convinced that Chase in involved in some way.

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Lumen and Dexter go meet Emily Birch, the girl whose blood is in Chase’s necklace. When they mention Chase and show her the photo of Harmon and Boyd as teens she freaks out and tells them to leave. Dexter then gets called to Harmon’s house where Debra is working the search warrant. They find blood and DVDs of them torturing the girls. Dexter now realizes that the DVDs are numbered so Lumen will be #13, the last of the DVDs in the case. Dexter sees some of the pictures taken from the DVDS and even he is shocked by the savagery of that he sees, but he is more worried about everyone seeing that DVD. While the crew is busy working the evidence Masuka (C.S. Lee) points out to Dexter that all the women look alike – they look like Lumen. Dexter fakes falling, knocking over the DVDs and exchanges a blank disk for Lumen’s.

Dexter goes home to Lumen with the DVD. He tells her about it and tells her he got it before they watched it and that he only watched enough to make sure it was her. She is thankful that he is taking all the risks that he is to help her. She then watches the DVD and while we don’t see the video, the sound is horrific.

At work Debra is clearly rattled by what she is watching. She says it is so horrible that it is a blessing the girls are dead because she can’t imagine every coming back from that. Debra is putting it together. She makes Dan the Dentist who Dexter and Lumen killed as one of the guys in the videos. Cole Harmon is now missing too. She starts to think there is some kind of vigilante out there. While Dexter is at work Lumen goes back to Emily Birch’s house and gets her to talk. She tells Lumen that 20 years ago she was a counselor at a camp where she met Jordan Chase who then went by his real name Eugene Greer. She says Chase drugged her and when she woke up she was nude and tied down. Chase talked the other guys into attacking her while he watched. She tells Lumen the names of the last two unknowns in the picture. One is a younger, fatter Jordan Chase who looks so different they didn’t recognize him and the other is a guy named Alex Tilden (Scott Grimes).

Liddy gets into the homicide office, forges Quinn’s name and gets some surveillance gear from the stock room. Meanwhile Dexter meets up with Lumen who tells him about her meeting with Emily.

Debra and Quinn go meet Alex Tilden and ask about the other guys in the picture. He was listed in Harmon’s contacts, but he denies really knowing any of them.

As Lumen and Dexter prepare to take out their next target, Alex Tilden, Lumen tells Dexter she wants to do the kill. He gets her a gift, leather gloves. Liddy is watching from a nearby van and hears them planning the attack. Dexter and Lumen then break into Tilden’s house where they find jewelry that he had taken as trophies from each of the victims. In the box Lumen finds the necklace her grandparents had given her that they took off her. They also find a room that will work well as a kill room.

Meanwhile, Jordan Chase is at Emily Birch’s house. She is telling him that she told Lumen the truth about everything they did to her. Chase clearly has power over her. He tells her how special she is, but won’t let her touch him. Chase then goes to the police and offers to give them his DNA. While getting his DNA swabbed by Dexter, Chase warns Dexter to steer clear. Dexter tells him that he is glad Chase didn’t touch any of the victims because the DNA will clear him as a suspect and leave him all to Dexter and Lumen with nobody to interfere.

Dexter and Lumen plan their attack on Tilden. Lumen sees the tools and shows Dexter her new “kill outfit” and it is oddly erotic between them as he shows her how to properly stab and impale. Liddy sees the whole training go down and is shocked.

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Tilden is on the phone with Chase who is trying to calm him down. Tilden wants to run, but Chase convinces him to maintain his regular routine. He promises that everything will be fine. Chase, hidden, then sees Dexter and Lumen breaking into Tilden’s house. He calls Debra and tells her that Alex Tilden called his office looking for Cole Harmon and asked about arranging a flight. This puts Deb and Quinn in action heading for Tilden’s house.

Tilden gets home and is confronted by Lumen and Dexter. They drug him, tie him to the table and start the process. Dexter takes the blood for his slide. As things get going Debra and Quinn arrive at Tilden’s house the front door is open so they enter. They find the house empty. Dexter and Lumen have Tilden in the house next door which is empty and for sale. When Lumen confronts Tilden he says that he never wanted to do it, that Jordan forced him. He tries to barter with them, offering them money, but it doesn’t work. Dexter hands Lumen the knife and tells her to aim for the heart. She takes a look at the pictures of the girls on the wall, gets on top of Tilden and stabs him.

Debra and Quinn are looking around outside. They find a footprint and think it is a woman. Debra starts to think the vigilante is a woman, the 13th victim.

Lumen and Dexter get back to Dexter’s place. There Lumen takes her shirt, then Dexter’s off and they kiss. They both crave a connection after the night they have had. Dexter takes her to bed and loves the idea that with Lumen he is someone different because she knows who and what he is and yet in her eyes he is not a monster.



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