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Colin Firth Has Career Making Perfomance in “The King’s Speech”

Posted by on November 28, 2010 at 9:00 PM EST

colin-firth-the-kings-speechColin Firth has been nominated for just about every acting award you can be nominated for, yet he rarely has won them and always seems to be “that guy” that people recognize in movies, but have a little trouble identifying. All of that just might change with his career making performance in the new movie “The King’s Speech.”

In the movie “The King’s Speech” Firth plays Prince Albert or “Bertie” as his family calls him, a man who is in line to be king of Great Britain. When his brother King Edward VIII steps down so that he can marry a woman who has been twice divorced, Prince Albert ascends to the throne. Albert takes the throne with some heavy weight on his shoulders. His country is preparing to go to war with Nazi Germany, but on the personal front he is fighting to overcome a debilitating stammer. For King George VI just talking is a nightmare, never mind leading a country.

As the country desperately needs the leadership of the king, his wife (played by Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter) seeks the help of a speech therapist Lionel Logue, played by Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush. It is the relationship between these two men that is one of the centers of the story. As the king fights to overcome his stammer Logue goes toe to toe with him, challenging him and never giving up. He consistently finds unique ways to help the king overcome his disability even when all hope seems lost. Meanwhile, as he struggles with his own speech, King George VI is fascinated and even a little envious of Hitler and his ability to communicate with and inspire his people though his speech.

Colin Firth has been surrounded by buzz since the movie started making the rounds at various film festivals. He was nominated for a SAG award for his role in “The English Patient” and was nominated for a Golden Globe, Academy Award and just about every award on the planet for his role in 2009’s “A Single Man.” With the release of “The King’s Speech,” Firth is perched to get his second Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations and this time he will not be just another nominee, he very well could be the guy to beat.

“The King’s Speech” debuted in September at the Telluride Film Festival and began a worldwide roll out on November 26th.



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