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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal a Couple? Maple Syrup Lattes Say Yes

Posted by on November 28, 2010 at 7:16 PM EST

taylor-swift-jake-gyllenhaal-datingAre Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal a new hot item? Thanksgiving dinners and maple syrup lattes say yes.

It looks like the top of the Billboard Charts is not the only thing Taylor Swift is all over these days. She has recently been seen with actor Jake Gyllenhaal and this time she seems a little less worried about keeping it behind closed doors.

Over the holiday Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted together ordering maple syrup lattes at a Brooklyn café that just happens to be near Jake’s sister Maggie’s home Thanksgiving morning. Then Saturday the actor and country singer were seen in her home town of Nashville grabbing some breakfast at a café called Fido.

The two have yet to go public with their relationship as both have been reluctant to talk about their relationships in the past, but, at least for Swift, this time things seem a little different. She seems a little more willing to be seen in public with him. In the past she has so closely guarded her relationships that she often would make sure to never be seen in public with anyone she was involved with. However, Swift is still playing coy about Gyllenhaal. On the Ellen show when host Ellen DeGeneres asked her about him while she wouldn’t confirm that they were dating, she didn’t outwardly deny it. There were even reports that she and he went apple picking and spent a romantic weekend in upstate New York just before her new album was released.

I’m no relationship expert, but it seems to me if you spend Thanksgiving with someone’s family then a few days later they spend the weekend with your family then things are probably a little more serious than “just friends.” I don’t want to sound like a cackling hen here, but I think these two might actually work out. He seems to be a guy who is pretty low key and while he is a big star he seems to have his ego in check and in the past has never boasted about who he was dating. He also understands the craziness that having a show business career involves. He also seems to be close to his family and Swift clearly is a very family oriented person.

Maybe this one will turn out to be a good song, instead of a bad one on Taylor’s next record. If not, and Jake screws up, look out because whatever he did is sure to be another big hit.



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