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Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian Give Up Social Networking For Charity

Posted by on November 28, 2010 at 12:16 PM EST

keep-a-child-aliveLady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest and many other celebrities are taking part in a charity event next Tuesday – world AIDS day – called Digital Life Sacrifice which will have them sign off and not use Twitter, Facebook or any other social media program until $1 million dollars is raised for the charity Keep a Child Alive.

The charity is the brainchild of Alicia Keys and will have the celebrities who are participating film a “last tweet and testament” video that will show them lying in coffins to represent their digital deaths. The idea is meant to shock the viewer into realizing that AIDS is still a disease that is very prevalent, dangerous and present in or everyday lives.

Keep a Child Alive co-founder Leigh Blake says that the campaign was designed to send a message and ask a question. “Why do we care so much about the death of one celebrity as opposed to millions and millions of people dying in the place that we’re all from?” Blake asks. She then added, “It is about love and respect and human dignity.”

Keys said that getting celebs onboard the project was a little difficult just because of scheduling and actually getting in touch with them. Once she could actually get them on the phone, explain the idea and concept, everyone she spoke with was in. She says: “Not one person said no.”

Blake commented that she thinks Lady Gaga alone with will raise the money. With over 7.2 million twitter followers and 24 million Facebook fans she has a very large, active fan base. They may follow her lead and bring in a load of cash.

Donations will be taken through text messages and through a bar-code technology and stores where the charities products are for sale. Keys says she hopes everyone, celebs and non-celebs alike will join in and get involved in the project.

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