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What Will Bristol Palin Do After Dancing With The Stars?

Posted by on November 27, 2010 at 6:03 PM EST

bristol-palin-dwtsWhat is Bristol Palin going to do now that Dancing With the Stars is over?

When Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars started Bristol Palin was just another contestant. After seeing her first few dances she seemed like just another contestant that would be voted out fairly early in the competition. But the viewers had other plans for her. Midway through the completion Bristol was still around. When Audrina Patridge got voted out and Bristol survived we had our first real, heavy duty controversy of the season. Week after week the fury grew until the finale brought with it a roaring hurricane of publicity, controversy and opinion. Would Bristol Palin, non-dancer and non-star actually win DWTS? Well, as we all know now that didn’t happen and for the good of the show it is probably for the best (although I thought it would have been classic).

They called her a fighter. They called her Bristol the Pistol. They called her lucky. Some hated her. Some loved her. There is no denying that in the matter of a few short months Bristol Palin went from being the daughter of Sarah Palin who was pretty much living her life out of the limelight to being one of the most controversial and talked about figures on TV. And the ratings proved that controversy breeds viewers.

Now the show is over and Bristol, along with the Kyle Massey and winner Jennifer Grey have been making the media rounds. While there are plenty of questions surrounding Bristol since the show ended two have seemed to pop up more often than not. Bristol is asked often: “What next?” There is also speculation and wondering why she was the only contestant on the show who didn’t appear to lose any weight (it may have been just the opposite) despite all the practice and working out. Of the weight, Bristol has said that she hasn’t noticed a difference in her body and that she thinks most people on the show lose weight because they are too stressed to eat. She says that was never the case with her. There is plenty of photographic evidence showing her eating sweets and fast food on breaks form rehearsals that show she seems to have a lot of love for junk food.

The bigger question is: What is next? Right now she makes some cameo appearances on her mom’s show Sarah Palin’s Alaska. She has also said that she is going to go back to Alaska where she plans to spend time with her family and relax. She also drops the hint saying that her fans may be seeing a lot more of her after the holidays. She has said that the show gave her a lot of confidence and that she has a lot of things she wants to accomplish.

Will she be accomplishing these things on her own? I find myself wondering. Bristol said that Mark Ballas (her dance partner) has volunteered to drive her truck back from L.A. to Alaska. She says she is going to take his new album with her and listen to it along the way. Is Mark just being a good guy, or is there possibly something more going on here? Mark seemed to hug her and reassure her with touching, kissing on the head and cheek and a lot of physical affection during the show. Maybe that is just the kind of guy he is, but there were plenty of rumors that the two did a lot of flirting during rehearsals and were very friendly and familiar with each other. Maybe Bristol picked herself up a man while she was dancing.

I think that Bristol will now embark on a larger public career. She already speaks about abstinence to teens. Maybe she will take that to a new level or using this new found fame and her mom’s connections to get a large, more public job. And I think there will be a reality show around it. She says that the scrutiny she was under on the show was harsh, but that she also got a lot of great feedback from young people. I get the feeling she liked the attention and will be seeking it out. Anyone who refers to people who supported or voted for them as “their fans” is not done with the spotlight.



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