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The Apprentice Recap Men vs. Women at QVC

Posted by on November 26, 2010 at 6:57 PM EST

the-apprentice-steuart-firedThe Apprentice recap, teams go men vs. women at QVC.

This week’s The Apprentice started with a bang. As Liza returned to the boardroom the final four had just begun celebrating when Donald Trump came in and hit them with the news. He switched the teams back to men Vs women again so the new Fortitude was Brandy and Liza while Clint and Steuart are the new Octane. The teams will be flying to QVC where they will compete head-to-head. At QVC the teams will pick their products, create a presentation then go live on the air. The team that makes the most profit wins.

The groups meet with the QVC people and see what the products they are going to sell were. All of the products are by Isaac Mizrahi and include a belt, watch and purse. They had a minimum price they could sell each item for. Anything above that price is profit. The groups negotiate for the product they want and the time slot to present their product in. They guys duped the girls and pretended to want the same products so they negotiated for the better time slot in exchange for the letting the women have their choice of product. The girls went for it and got their product, a watch, while the guys took their time slot and got their preferred product which was the purse.

The teams strategize with their product and Steuart finds it funny to see Clint trying to show the features of the purses. Stueart will be the on air guy for the men and he doesn’t seem to be taking it very seriously. The women worked more with their host on the product. They checked the demographics and Liza chose Brandy to be the on air person because she is white and most of the viewers are white.

Both teams go to work setting up their show and Liza is a little annoying. The women are up first. Liza gives them some good direction, but she has no real plan and they almost run out of time so their presentation comes to a pretty abrupt end. Liza is not very happy with her own performance.

The men take their turn and they were smart enough to have the better time slot so they can do a full run through rehearsal. The guys do really well. Clint fires off all kinds of keywords to Steuart who seems comfortable and in his element. They end well and do a very good job.

In the boardroom Trump confronts Liza about her choice to go with Brandy because she was white. Trump respects her honesty, but he is a little saddened by it. They guys are very happy with how they did and everyone has a laugh at Clint’s keywords he used to describe the purses. Trump thought both teams did well, but it was the money that mattered. In the end the women sold more watches and made more profit so the women won, but Trump told them not to be too happy because he is firing two people that night.

Clint and Steuart face off in the boardroom. The two guys both seem to really like and respect each other. Clint makes the argument that he has more experience and proven success than Steuart. Clint rattles off his educational background and it is impressive. Trump likes the both and even says that there are no losers tonight then he fires Stueart.

As Steuart drives off in the cab, Trump calls the remaining three back to the boardroom, saying he is going to fire someone right now. The episode ends with the final three marching into the boardroom. We will find out next week who the second person fired is.



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