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ABC’s new cop drama ROOKIE BLUE premiered Thursday Night

Posted by on June 25, 2010 at 2:40 PM EST

rookie blueABC’s new TV series “Rookie Blue” premiered Thursday night. It is a new generation cops show, filled with drama, suspense, danger, and sex.

Created in Canada, ‘Rookie Blue’ stars Missy Peregrym as lead officer Andy McNally, a too-trusting, smart, tough, rookie, who along with four other new officers fresh out of the academy, struggle to learn what it takes to be a good cop in a big city.

These five rookies are the first responders on the scene, never knowing what they’ll find or who is lurking in the dark.

Peregrym, a 28-year-old Canadian actress and former model started shooting on set in August of 2009; she felt the show could go anywhere, it had a lot of possibilities.  She stated: “After I met with the team, the producers and the writers, I fell in love with it even more. Everyone had the same vision for the show.”

Peregrym hopes the show does well during the summer and gets picked up for a second season. She said: ‘if I didn’t get the opportunity to go back, it would be really hard to let go and do something else.” “But that’s part of the television game,” she admits to NY DAILY NEWS. “I love being settled,” she says. “I’m the worst person to be in this job.”

“Rookie Blue” is Missy’s first lead television role; she had a recurring role as Candice Wilmer on the NBC television series “Heroes”.

Missy also made her first film debut in the 2006 gymnastics comedy drama “Stick It”.

The one-hour police drama ‘Rookie Blue’ airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC. The show also stars Gregory Smith, Charlotte Sullivan, Enuka Okuma, Travis Milne, Ben Bass and Eric Johnson



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  1. My fiance ( a police officer) his father (retired chief of police) and I (911 dispatcher), all three with training officer experience, just watched the premier of this show.
    We found ourselves asking who the technical advisor was to this show. We spent the majority of the hour yelling at the T.V. about things that would NEVER happen in real life.
    Our opinion was that while it had a decent story line it was so lacking in realistic responses by all characters as to be mostly commical.
    Hope this show gets better or we’ll use the DVR for other programs.

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