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Glee Recap: Black Eyes, Weddings and Carol Burnett

Posted by on November 24, 2010 at 7:53 PM EST

glee weddingAs the holiday season gets started, Glee kicked things off with a jam packed episode. Things get rolling with a wedding announcement. Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) dad Burt (Mike O’Malley) and Finn’s (Corey Monteith) mom Carole (Romy Rosemont) are getting married. Kurt immediately starts recruiting his fellow glee club members as the band for the wedding. No sooner has the dust settled with wedding announcement number one when we find out that Sue (Jane Lynch) is also getting married. But there is a catch. Sue is upset that Rod (Bill A. Jones) is getting married to his co-anchor so she decides to marry herself just to spite him. Luckily her mom Doris (this week’s big guest start Carol Burnett) is back in town after having tracked down the last living Nazi (Chad, the great-nephew of Avan Braun) who was living in Phoenix. She is back just in time to enjoy the wedding.

Meanwhile Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Finn are back to feuding over who the real alpha male of the school is. Finn decides to show his dominance by acting very adult, mature and responsible while Sam goes the old school route and tries to get the hottest girl in school to be his girlfriend. As you might expect, neither plan goes very well. As Sam and Finn feud, Karofsky (Max Adler) continues to bully Kurt. When sue catches wind of it she is mad as hell and out for blood, but because she has no proof she is powerless to act.

The girls of the glee club try to rally the football team to confront Karofsky. Finn refuses to be involved since Karofsky is one of his offensive lineman. Sam steps up and faces off against Karofsky and gets a black eye for his troubles. Burt catches wind of all of this and gives Finn hell for not having Kurt’s back. Quinn (Dianna Agron) finds Sam’s black eye sexy and the glee club blacklists Finn for not coming to Kurt’s aid. It is quickly becoming clear who the alpha male of the school is.

When Sue confronts Karofsky and his father about the bullying it all comes to a head and Karofsky is expelled.

At the first wedding Finn wins some respect by refusing to go public with the news that he and Santana (Naya Rivera) slept together regardless of the potential popularity bump it could give him. He then gives a toast and apologizes for not backing Kurt. Since he and Kurt are now technically brothers he gives them the nickname Furt.

On the other side of town Sue is marrying herself and she says every line of every person in the weddings’ role. Mid ceremony Sue’s mom starts to dismiss the wedding and the two face off. It turns out Sue’s mom pretty much missed her childhood and Sue labels her as a bully.

As the episode comes to an end Quinn takes Sam’s promise ring and Karofsky is reinstated by the school board since nobody actually saw him threaten Kurt. Sue, furious with the reinstatement, steps down as principle because she feels she can do more to help Kurt if she is in the halls, not behind a desk (and Figgins’ office smells weird). Burt and Carol make a command decision. They decide to use their honeymoon fund to transfer Kurt to Dalton Academy which has a zero tolerance bullying policy. Rachel (Lea Michele) is the first to state the now obvious; Kurt will be singing against them at the Sectionals. Everyone is left a little dazed by Kurt’s departure and we fade to black.



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